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Do You Know How Well Your Website Is Performing?

Part of having a great real estate website is having one that performs well. Performance includes the user experience, design, what content you have, and how much traffic you are receiving.

Does my site appeal to my users?

It seems everywhere you go now, someone is attached to some sort of device, whether it be their phone, laptop, or tablet. One question you may have not thought to ask yourself is, “Does my website run for mobile applications?” When hiring a web developer, it is important ask for responsive web design as most sites on the web, are. Remember, your other tools are mobile friendly (like Cloud CMA iPad listing presentations), your website should be as well!

Another thing you need to consider is user experience. Is your user having a tough time navigating through your website? Pretend you are the user and take a walk through your site. Do you like what you see? Is your website filled with more text than photos? You have to take your users into consideration. If the users enjoy your site they’ll stay, if they do not enjoy your site they’ll leave.

Is there a way for me to measure my website performance?

Absolutely. Google is a very generous company when it comes to giving away web tools. Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to check the metrics of your website. It will tell you everything from unique visitors to how long people are staying on your page. Having an account with Google Analytics is something you definitely want to look into. By using this tool, you can effectively see what is or what isn’t working for your site. Google makes it easy to learn how to use Google Analytics and it’s as simple as taking the time to sign up for an account.

Why Bother?

Catering to the user is very important part of having a successful real estate website. We are consuming the Internet at a faster rate than we ever were before and we want more. The next time you take a look at your website, make sure that you are totally satisfied with it.

Remember, just like any other tools you use to satisfy your clients, such as Cloud CMA real estate software, your website needs to be effectively helping your clients.


2 responses to ‘Do You Know How Well Your Website Is Performing?

  1. Hi Alex, that’s a great question! To the best of my knowledge, Google Analytics if for use on websites you actually own and have back end access to. The Cloud CMA “What’s my home worth” landing pages are generated for you, so I do not believe you can add analytics. I hope this makes sense – please let me know if you have further questions.

  2. So am I reading this right? Are we able to put Google Analytics on our Cloud CMA “What’s my home worth?” landing pages?

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