3 Cloud Streams Updates You AND Your Clients Will Love
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3 Cloud Streams Updates You AND Your Clients Will Love

Former British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, once said, “He who rejects change is the architect of decay.” Here at W+R Studios we know that change is not only inevitable, but those who do not seek to improve, fall behind. This is why we are always listening to our customers improving our products to better accommodate your needs. Recently, we made a few updates to Cloud Streams – our listing alert tool that delivers “real-time” property alerts faster than Zillow, Trulia, even your MLS!

1. Stream Preview
We just added the most requested Cloud Streams feature from agents – the ability to view your client’s stream before sharing it with them. This will allow you to review the properties and remove what your clients have already seen or exclude homes that you know they would not be interested in. This will make you look more professional and prepared for future meetings.

2. Email Updates
In the past, we’ve received feedback that clients felt that they were receiving too many emails from Cloud Streams. Now they will only receive emails about new listings, not photo or listing updates. This will help your clients stay focused on new listings instead of flooding their accounts with emails they will ignore. The sender email address has also been updated, clients will now get emails from your email address as opposed to stream@cloudstreams.net.

3. Client Digest
Every Tuesday, you will receive a “Client Digest” email, which will provide a few key statistics on the activity of your clients during the previous week. These weekly updates will provide a way for you to stay on top of your email/text alerts, views, comments etc. that are going out to your clients.

Cloud Streams is free to try for 30 days! Sign up now and start getting “real-time” listing alerts today.




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