3 Creative Ways to Use Listing Alerts
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3 Creative Ways to Use Listing Alerts

As a real estate agent in today’s competitive market, you know that providing clients with the fastest listing alerts plays a key role in them find their dream home. But did you also know that you can leverage listing alerts in other ways? Check out these 3 unique ways to use listing alerts, that you may not have previously thought about.

Nurture Your Leads
Just because you get a new lead, doesn’t mean that they are ready to buy right then and there. So how do you stay top of mind when they are ready? With lead nurturing. In fact, studies have shown that when you excel at lead nurturing, you are 50% more likely to generate sales ready leads. So where exactly do listing alerts fit in? While you know that your leads may not be ready to buy in the next month, or even ready to work with an agent, you do know that they are interested in the market. So invite your leads, not just your clients, to get listing alerts that come straight from the MLS and that are branded to you and stay top of mind.

Pricing Strategy for Your Listing Appointment
One of the most important and challenging aspects of real estate can be helping your clients price their home correctly. While using a CMA to do this is common, did you know that you can also incorporate listing alerts into your pricing strategy? Before your next listing appointment, set up your potential client to receive daily listing alerts via Cloud Streams for similar homes in their area. This way, when you arrive at the appointment they will already be informed of the listings their home will be competing with and updated with real time change alerts.

Stay In Touch Beyond the Close
Congratulations! You helped your clients find their dream home using Cloud Streams’ listing alerts. But your job isn’t done just because the sale was made. At closing, listing alerts for clients should be scaled back from daily to monthly and tailor the search criteria down to their new neighborhood and surrounding areas. After a purchase, most buyers are interested in keeping tabs on what other homes in their area are being listed for so a monthly update from you will keep you top of mind.. And who knows! They might know someone who is looking to buy, and this is just another way for you to get a potential new lead from your sphere of influence.

Well, there you have it! Three unique ways that you can use listing alerts to grow your business.

What are some unique ways you are using listing alerts in your business? Share in the comments below.



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