3 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Pumpkin Spice Lattes

3 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Welp, it’s that time of year again – everywhere you look, everything seems to pumpkin related – pumpkin bread, pumpkin cereal, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin twinkies, and even pumpkin spice salsa (it’s real I promise). All this thanks to Starbucks creating its highly coveted Pumpkin Spice Latte back in 2003 and igniting this phenomenon.

It makes me wonder, do we even like Pumpkin Spice flavored everything or has it been hyped up for so long that we don’t know the difference? Whether you love this craze or think it’s the most “basic” thing ever, there are valuable marketing lessons to be learned from its rise to stardom.

So what can you, the real estate agent, learn from the Pumpkin Spice Latte?

  1. Think outside the box.
    In a sea of other real estate agents, what are you doing to stand out? To be successful in real estate, you need to think outside the box. For example, decide to host an annual fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity, host an annual pet adoption, or deliver hand-written holiday cards to everyone in your farm. Whatever you decide, use these events or gestures to create a buzz around your name and business.
  2. There’s a reason for every season.
    Fall is THE season for everything pumpkin spice and generally, summer is the season for real estate. Imagine if companies put out pumpkin spice flavored foods in June? Probably not the best idea. Understanding the seasonality of your business is important if you want to succeed. Which means, as a real estate agent, you should pour more money into marketing yourself every year around February to prepare for summer.
  3. Consistency is key.
    Even though technically the Pumpkin Spice Latte was created in 2003, it didn’t quite hit its current level of popularity until around 2014. But for 11 years companies kept at it, stayed committed to the marketing long term, and eventually made the pumpkin spice craze what it is today. In real estate, consistency in your marketing is the key to building your brand. The more people that recognize your brand, the more business you will bring in.

Well there you have it, 3 extremely valuable marketing lessons – all from the Pumpkin Spice craze! So while you cozy up this fall, try to think of ways to get people talking about your business even if it’s only half as much as people talk pumpkin spice on Twitter.  

Just like we encourage you to step outside the box, we also tried some new things this year. In August we released the Cloud CMA Listing Presentation Kit by Tom Ferry to help agents win even more listings. Tom Ferry is real estate’s #1 coach and educator and his methods have effectively helped thousands of agents to grow their business. For more information, visit tomferry.cloudcma.com.


2 responses to ‘3 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Pumpkin Spice Lattes

  1. Hey Becky,

    Glad to hear that you liked the article. Also, that is another fantastic point! Who knew there could be SO many great lessons to learn from Pumpkin Spice Lattes :).

  2. Great story and good recommendations. I would add another – Scarcity. Every year the PSL comes in the fall and is gone before Christmas. There is a “get it while you can” atmosphere around all things pumpkin, led by the PSL. In real estate, it means we counsel sellers to prepare and price their home to be something that is here and gone, not available forever. and we counsel buyers to learn what they want and recognize it when they see it and jump on it while they can, because if it’s good, it will be gone.

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