3 Top Marketing Trends You’re Not Doing

3 Top Marketing Trends You’re Not Doing


It’s no secret that effective marketing and branding sets you apart from your competitors. Well, with so many options to market in real estate, it can be a challenge to know where to begin! So check out these innovative marketing trends that will help to generate leads and start turning more prospects into clients.

1. Start a blog or podcast
Okay, so maybe you are already doing this. But homebuyers are always looking for good, quality information about the home buying process. Starting a blog or podcast can be pretty easy – but remember to produce high-quality information that consumers are looking for! Try your hardest not to sell yourself or your business either. Again, these are people are likely interested in the home-buying process but may not be at the stage of hiring a professional. An effective strategy with your blog or podcast would be to become a powerhouse of information. When people come across your information they will not only trust your abilities, but they will remember you for the future as well. I’d say that’s a pretty big win-win.

2. Use Pinterest to Create Listing Boards
Using Pinterest to market a listing is a fun, innovative way to broadcast your listing! Upload listing photos and link to a place where the home is listed online. Also, upload fun restaurants, stores, coffee shops, etc. in the area so people can get an idea of what the neighborhood is like. You can also upload other interesting articles about schools in the area as well. Know about cool events, home appraisers, plumbers, etc? You can also use this space to showcase your resources in the area. Also, you can add your Cloud CMA report for the listing to the listing board as well! In addition, your listing clients will love your cool take on marketing their listing! But remember, since Pinterest is highly visual, you need to make sure your photo for each pin is high quality.

3. Use Custom Balloons, Banners, and Signs at your Open Houses
Using custom and identifiable balloons and banners outside of your Open Houses can quickly become a trademark! Of course, you would like to do something that is tasteful, however what is important here is that you stand out. Look into things like designer balloons (like these) and use consistent colors. Have a custom banner designed for you that you hang outside the house every time. Your goal here is to create unique, standout materials that lets people know you are the one hosting! Furthermore, this helps to build brand recognition in your area.


What are some creative ways that you market yourself? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I would like that as well. Have been tossing around ideas internally for that- and think it is a great contact idea to incorporate into marketing.

  2. My name is Ray Kennard. One of the ways I would like 2 market & keep in touch with prospective buyers is with my own branded newsletter. Do you all have support for this?

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