4 Tips to Help You Stay Organized this Summer

You know that summer tends to be the busiest time of year in the real estate industry; once the kids get out of school, families have more time to go house hunting. While this is great for business, the increased workload can be overwhelming and make it difficult to maintain a productive workflow. The key is organization — this will ensure that you stay on top of all your responsibilities, engagements, and to-dos as a real estate agent. Here are some tips to stay organized so you can tackle your busiest season without a hitch.

Use a CRM system – While not all your leads will turn into clients this summer, you can use a CRM system to nurture them for the future. A CRM (customer relationship management) system is essential for staying organized with your leads and clients. This is crucial when you need to look up information on a specific person, i.e., monthly income, retirement plans, etc. Additionally, you can set up appointments, follow-ups, consultations, and even birthday reminders as an added personal touch. The main idea is that your leads and clients feel top of mind in your busy world. The Cloud Agent Suite has native integrations with popular CRMs like Wise Agent and Follow Up Boss, but leads can be added to your CRM of choice as well!

Use the Cloud Streams Activity Stream – Another great way to stay organized this summer is with Cloud Streams. Earlier this year, we completely updated Cloud Streams and it’s now faster and more intuitive than ever. When it comes to staying organized, the brand new Activity Stream is crucial. When you open Cloud Streams, all client activity is front and center. You can see what they’ve liked and what they’ve commented on, making it super easy for you to follow up with them. With the new Activity Stream you can easily stay on top of everything this summer. To see what I’m talking about, check out this quick video!

Plan out your day – I’ve always liked the saying “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Most people fail at something because they went into it blindly and didn’t prepare. You should always have a plan, especially when it comes to your business. This means planning out your day, your to-dos, and your goals. A recent study found that writing down your goals makes them more likely to happen. Visualize your success and keep track of your tasks with a planner. It will come in handy during the busy summer months when you feel like your head might spin — simply take a look at your planner and handle one thing at a time. Just make sure you don’t wing it; always strive to make sure you’re being the most efficient agent possible. Here’s a list of some of my favorite planners:

Eat healthy and exercise – When you have a heavy workload and not a lot of time to spare, it’s easy to stop by the drive-thru on the way home. But putting chemicals and fatty foods in your system is sure to bring you down, thus making it harder for you to stay organized and on top of everything. Take advantage of the fruits and veggies that are in season this summer, buy locally, and eat all the nutrient-dense food that isn’t always available in the winter. Eating clean will help keep up your energy, stamina, and mental clarity.

Another great thing about summer is that it’s not dreary and cold outside anymore! Get out there and enjoy doing some outside physical activities. You don’t have to join the guys at Muscle Beach, but studies have shown that simply being outdoors and getting some physical activity increases happiness and overall health.

Apart from the physical benefits, I mention eating right and exercising in this context for the mental benefits. You simply feel better and more alert when you take care of your body. This keeps your mind in tip top shape to tackle the increased workload of the summer and stay organized.

So there you have it! These tips are simple, but effective. Try them out, stick to a plan, and embrace this busy time while being the best agent you can be this summer.

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