5 Must-Follow Real Estate YouTubers

5 Must-Follow Real Estate YouTubers

Digital marketing has drastically changed in the last decade. The rise of social media in the 2010s has been a game changer for small companies and entrepreneurs who now have full control of their marketing strategy at little to no cost. Why is this relevant to you? Because real estate is not just about selling listings, it’s also about connecting with consumers and other real estate agents. Therefore, selling your brand is just as important as selling a home. And one of the most effective ways to do that in this digital age is to gain a following through social media.

While there are many ways to connect with consumers via social media, in this post, I’ll share ways to connect with consumers and other agents via Youtube. Why YouTube? Because it’s a platform that allows for long-form content. Long-form content usually spans over one minute and focuses more on entertainment and story, as opposed to short-form content which is thirty seconds or less and focuses on efficient message delivery. And when you’re trying to be personable and stand out from the crowd, long form content allows the consumer to get to know you better, thus creating an identity for yourself that people will connect to.

In my next post I’ll discuss specific YouTube strategies, but let’s first take a look at five real estate agents who are effectively using YouTube to grow their business:

Loida Velazquez

Loida uploads the most frequently out of everyone on this list. She provides endless tips and tricks for all types of real estate agents, but they’re particularly helpful for new real estate agents. So if you’re just starting out in the industry, her channel is definitely the place to go. She also regularly collaborates with Bryan Casella, who is also on this list.

Loida Youtube page snapshot

Graham Stephan

Graham is a young real estate agent who consistently uploads a variety of videos – from how-to’s, to answering common questions, to motivational vlogs –  you’ll never be bored watching his channel. His goal is to share what he’s learned so far in his journey to help you become a better agent. And given that he became a millionaire at 26, I’d say it wouldn’t hurt to hear what he has to say!

Graham Youtube Page Snapshot

Bryan Casella

One thing that sets Bryan apart is that in addition to real estate, he also likes to talk about his hobby – collecting cars. Adding this fun facet of his life to his videos makes him more personable and allows him to gain a broader audience. He also likes to upload large segments of his lessons and talks. This is a great added value because you basically get to watch a lecture for free!

Bryan Youtube Page Snapshot

Kevin Ward

Kevin Ward takes on the role of the motivator, more so than anyone else on this list. He is a real estate coach who focuses on self-improvement that will translate into you selling more houses. If you’re ever feeling insecure about yourself or your business, definitely look up Kevin’s videos to help get you back on track.

Kevin Youtube page snapshot

Tom Ferry

Chances are, you already know Tom Ferry. He’s the #1 educator in real estate. He’s been in the industry for three decades, and his channel mainly consists of bestowing knowledge for both business and life. His entrepreneurship and experience has gained him a huge following.

Tom Youtube page snapshot

Let us know what you think of these real estate YouTubers! Have you seen their videos before and found them helpful? Maybe we missed someone that you think we should mention. If you liked these YouTubers subscribe to their channel!


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