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5 Quick Ways to Take Advantage of your Free Trial of the Cloud Agent Suite

Hi there! Either you just signed up or are getting close to the end of your free trial of the Cloud Agent Suite, so here are 5 quick tips to help you take advantage of your free subscription.

Tip Number 1. Generate your own leads with Cloud Attract.

Create a custom landing page for your farm to generate seller leads. Let’s say you focus on Huntington Beach. First start by launching Cloud Attract, creating a new landing page, and sharing it on your social media sites. Now when someone clicks and answers the question they will receive a “quick CMA” via email with a message that you will be following up soon!

Tip Number 2. Be the first to know with Cloud Streams!

Cloud Streams is a great way to nurture online leads or make sure active buyers are the first to know when new listings hit the MLS via text alerts. But it’s also a great way for you to stay informed about market activity in your farm.  Watch this short video on how you can create your first stream. The possibilities are endless.  

Tip Number 3. Share your farm.

Cloud MLX is like an easy button for your MLS. Instead of lots of tiny checkboxes and an endless cascade of drop-down menus, now you can search the MLS like Google. But did you know, Cloud MLX makes it easy to share saved searches with your clients? Now each one of your clients can have a personalized website, branded to you, and see the latest market activity where they live. It’s so easy, check out this video to find out how.

Tip Number 4. Do your next Listing Presentation via Zoom.

With Cloud CMA’s latest enhancement, Cloud CMA Live, you can do your next listing presentation virtually. Just create a Cloud CMA like you usually do, then click on the “Live” link. You can now launch Zoom from inside Cloud CMA and show comps, analyze pricing, do “what if” scenarios by adding and removing comps on the fly, and there’s even a “telestrator” feature that makes it easy to draw on the screen. You’re going to love it. Check out this video to help you get started.

Tip Number 5. Educate yourself

Visit the Learn Center where you can watch tons of how-to videos, sign up for live classes or access trainings on demand. There are many resources you can find on to help you take advantage of the most powerful tools in real estate. Also, make sure you check out our 2020 Survey of Best Practices for CMAs and Listing Presentations, compiled from over 3,600 agents. It’s all free with your Cloud Agent Suite subscription.

How do I change my subscription from Monthly to Yearly or just cancel?

Are you looking to change your level of service or cancel before the end of your free trial? No problem, this video will give you a quick walkthrough.

Don’t forget if you need support or a little more time on your free trial you can always reach us via email at or call us at 855-977-8834.  

Thank you!

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12 responses to ‘5 Quick Ways to Take Advantage of your Free Trial of the Cloud Agent Suite

  1. I have retired from real estate. Can you please tell me how I can receive a credit for my year long subscription which I paid in December?

    Deborah K. Cole ( OLD email.

    Thank you for your help! I loved using your product!

  2. Please cancel the Free Trial of the Cloud Agent Suite. Please make sure I have no Free Trials accounts assigned to me from this point on.

  3. Tried corresponding with your support re: charges and trial extension to consider whether your service fits my needs and NO RESPONSE!

  4. Please cancel all trials ending ending January 31, 2021 and confirm receipt.
    Mary B. Consengco
    Las Vegas

  5. Hey Alyson, thanks for reaching out! Can you give us a call at 855-977-8834 so we can assist you?

  6. Please cancel my subscription at this time. When I try to utilize, I get stuck and reach out for support which must be scheduled at a later date. I’m not using the value of “Cloud Agent Suite” because I require more hands on training. For now, please cancel.

  7. Please cancel all trials i had (which was suppose to end in February but disappeared from my MLS launch pad). Make sure please i have no accounts or trials assigned to me from this point on.

    CN239565 MLS

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