5 Reasons why listing presentations are just like gift giving

It’s 5 days until Christmas! While you’re scurrying around grabbing up last minute gifts, don’t lose your focus on listing presentations. Here’s 5 reasons why your listing presentations are just as rewarding as gift giving: 1. A great gift “wows” the recipient. They’re left with a warm fuzzy feeling and will remember the exchange. A great listing presentation “wows” the seller. They’re left feeling satisfied, comfortable, and ready to sign your listing contract. 2. Gift giving requires thought and insight. Great gifts don’t just appear out of thin air, and neither do great listing presentations. You need a strategy for the approach, impressive execution, and and emotionally powerful

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wrap. Your listing presentation should ensure a seller that in attaining their business you are aware of their wants, needs, and desires. 3. Great gifts represent value. The giver provides something of worth to the recipient. Your goal at a listing presentation is to provide something of value to your potential client. You need to stand out, impress and be memorable to overcome of your competition. Your listing presentation proves your worth to your client. 4. Giving a gift is an opportunity to make a genuine, emotional connection with the recipient. It’s a one on one exchange where you have the potential to build your relationship. Remember, your listing presentation, is an opportunity to build trust, report, and deepen your professional relationship with the seller. 5. Great gifts are often beautifully wrapped. As superficial as this sounds, gifts discern a lasting first impression as well! Everyone knows how important your first impression is at a listing presentation. Dress the part, act the part, and bring beautifully “wrapped” client handouts. If you need an easy to use client report generating program, check out Cloud CMA; impressing your clients, winning their trust, and overcoming the competition has never been easier!


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