5 Stranger Things You Can Do with the Cloud Agent Suite
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5 Stranger Things You Can Do with the Cloud Agent Suite

It’s no secret that fall is a very busy season for most people. School is back in session, the weather is starting to change, and most importantly, fall TV shows make their exciting return. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been waiting a whole year for Netflix’s hit series, “Stranger Things” to return. In the spirit of Halloween and the return of our favorite show, here are 5 stranger things that you can do with the Cloud Agent Suite.

Collect Partial Leads from Cloud Attract
Cloud Attract is the easy way to generate your own leads with customizable landing pages. Recently, we added the ability to collect partial leads, which happens when a lead starts to fill in their information on your landing page then leaves. Just like how a ghost leaves behind their ectoplasm when they haunt a house, a partial lead leaves behind some important contact info that we forward to you.

“Stalk” Your Leads with Cloud Attract
With Cloud Attract, you can fetch the social profile data and photos of your leads. This means you’ll be that much more prepared when you meet your potential client, giving you a leg up on the competition. In the horror classic Halloween, Michael Myers was always one step ahead of babysitter Laurie Strode and knew what her next move would be. Although we do not recommend taking things quite as far as Mr. Myers did, it never hurts to be prepared when preparing to work with a client.

Create a Stream or CMA Within Cloud MLX
There are some things in life that were just made for each other – a witch and her broom, a horseman without it’s head, and Cloud MLX with Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams. With Cloud MLX, you can access both Cloud Streams and Cloud CMA in one place! After you do a search on Cloud MLX, you are able to easily create a CMA report or Stream right from that screen! Pretty wicked right?

Always Know What Your Clients Are Thinking
We recently made some exciting changes to our Cloud Streams’ listing alert emails. Now, when your client’s phone constantly buzzes with email alerts like Ghostface from Scream calling Sidney Prescott, they will see a newer listing alert that includes a property descriptor, a larger property photo, and a “like” button right in the email. This allows them to quickly pull important property information directly from the email alert while they are on the go.

Take an Invisible Coach With You to Your Next Presentation
In August, we teamed up with real estate’s #1 coach and educator, Tom Ferry, and created the Cloud CMA Listing Presentation Kit by Tom Ferry. This kit will help you win more listings with 20 new designer lifestyle covers and 25 new report content pages. These additions are a great way to create personalized reports that are geared toward each of your clients.

Well, there you have it! Five stranger things that you can do with the Cloud Agent Suite that will help you start doing more business today. To learn more about the suite, visit cloudagentsuite.com. Best of all, you can try Cloud CMA, Cloud Streams, Cloud MLX and Cloud Attract all FREE for 30 days, so sign up today!


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