Accelerate Trust. Win More Customers.
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Accelerate Trust. Win More Customers.

In any type of sales job, being able to effectively communicate with your customers is imperative to your success. And since everyone communicates differently, it takes time to get to know someone and understand how to best communicate with them. But as a real estate agent, do you really have that kind of time? Probably not. What if there was a tool that told you everything you needed to know about how to communicate with specific people?

Meet, Crystal Knows.

Crystal Knows is the coolest (and somewhat creepiest) tool for anyone in business. It allows you to professionally “online-stalk” anyone and everyone. Simply search the name of any prospect, client, etc. and Crystal will give you a profile full of information about the person and how to best communicate with them. They use information they find online – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, public data, etc. – to build a personality profile and package it with communication tips, relationship advice, and a bunch of other super helpful information.

Here are the 4 coolest features of Crystal Knows and why you absolutely need to start using it today.

  1. Email coaching. Email can be challenging in certain situations. Knowing when to write professional or personal, all while considering how the information will be received is exhausting! Crystal Knows suggests certain phrases or words to use when emailing prospects. Plus for Gmail users, you can download their Chrome extension to act as a spell check when you are writing to certain people. Instead of grammar/spelling mistakes – Crystal suggests different ways to write things based on who will be receiving the email.
  2. Communication Tips. Communicating with people does not come easily for everyone. Even when you are a skilled communicator you are bound to run into someone with whom you cannot get into a groove with. Crystal can’t teach you everything, but instead will help improve your communication by suggesting specific buzz words and phrases to use.
  3. Relationship Advice. Some relationships work and some don’t – that’s life. But what do you do when you have to work with someone you don’t get along with? Thanks to Crystal’s relationship advice you can determine how to best work through conflicts, stressful situations, and how to build a long-lasting relationship. So in those moments you feel “at a loss” with how to proceed with someone – consult Crystal.
  4. Meeting Prep. Simply add your Google Calendar to your Crystal account, and before each meeting receive personality profiles for each person in your meeting. So the next time you are preparing for a listing presentation, make sure you add reading your prospects’ profiles as well!

Of course a tool like Crystal Knows isn’t something that should take the place of old school intuition and relationship building – it’s just meant to speed up your understanding and effectiveness in your relationships. But when used correctly, it can be an extremely powerful tool for you in your real estate business..
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