Why Agents Are Loving Cloud MLX
Cloud MLX

Why Agents Are Loving Cloud MLX

Since Cloud MLX’s official launch back in May, real estate agents and industry personnel have been raving about it. We have already shown you what Cloud MLX can do, but now we want to share a few reasons why people are saying it’s the most innovative technology of the year.

Cloud MLX saves you time.
With Cloud MLX’s smart search bar you can cut down the time you spend searching for listings from minutes to seconds. Plus, the more you search on Cloud MLX, the more it gets to know your search habits to make time-saving suggestions in the future.

All Cloud Agent Suite products in one place.
After you do a search on Cloud MLX, you can now access both Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams all in one place. Want to set up your clients with listing alerts? Simply select the drop down “Make Cloud Stream” which then opens Cloud Streams. Cloud MLX automatically populates its search criteria into Cloud Streams, so simply just add your client’s email and desired email frequency.


Want to create a Cloud CMA report? Simply go to the desired listing detail page and select from the drop down “Find Comps”. Cloud CMA then opens with the selected property’s MLS number already populated for you.


Different listing views for agents and clients.
As an agent, when you search on Cloud MLX, you get to see information about the listing agent – like name and phone number, so you can easily contact them.


On the other hand, when you share listings with clients, they will only see your contact information on listings. This means that with Cloud MLX you won’t have to worry about your clients seeing other agent’s contact information on listings.


Use “Collections” to save particular properties.
Let’s say that infinity pools are popular in your area. You can save specific listings that all have infinity pools in a collection titled, “Orange County Homes with Infinity Pools”. You can use the collection to either share with a client or use as a reference for specific properties.

Cloud MLX is modern.
Consumers love the look and feel of Cloud MLX because listing information is easy to view and the photos are large. It provides them with a seamless experience that parallels what they are used to seeing other places on the internet (Hotels.com, Expedia, Pinterest, etc.).

Cloud MLX is already available in 10 MLSs nationwide with that number continuing to grow. It’s free to try for the first 30 days, so you can see for yourself why other agents are raving about Cloud MLX.



2 responses to ‘Why Agents Are Loving Cloud MLX

  1. Hey Alan – when we created Cloud MLX we used a lot of the feedback that we have received about search criteria in Cloud Streams. For example, I just performed a search to confirm that you can indeed search by “attached garage”. What MLS are you part of? If Cloud MLX is available in your area, I would suggest starting the free 30 day trial so you can see if Cloud MLX has your desired search criteria. Feel free to give us a call if you have any more questions. (855) 977-8834

  2. Sounds like a great program; however based on my experience with Cloud Streams the search criteria is too limited. For example, I had a Buyer that wanted a townhouse with an attached garage. I could search “garage” but not “attached garage” so I had to go back to the regular MLS search. Bummer!

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