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The Art of Attracting Your Own Quality Prospects

When the online portals rose to popularity in 2008 they promised leads – lots of leads. And high quality ones at that. As a former sales rep for a major portal, I myself touted about our 2 million unique visitors a month and why spending advertising dollars with us would turn into more sales. Unfortunately, unless you created a team around responding to all the numerous leads, you were often left frustrated and disappointed.

Rather than striving for endless quantities of leads, you need to strive for quality leads instead. So what’s the secret to attracting buyers and sellers who are actually ready to work with an agent?

The answer is: lead magnets.

First let’s define what a lead magnet is. According to Google, lead magnets are: an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

Basically, people will only give out their contact information for something of value to them. As a real estate agent you’re the only one who can provide accurate listing information, and when you entice someone with something that only YOU can provide for them, it instantly becomes more valuable.

So what’s the secret to attracting quality leads? Start leveraging your expert knowledge and professional resources (MLS data) and advertise these things to consumers in an enticing way.

If you want more seller leads.
When someone is deciding whether or not to sell their home, what is the first piece of information they need so they can decide whether to list now or wait? They need to know how much their home will sell for. Yes Zillow will offer them an estimate, but you can provide them with a calculated amount based on recent market values and your expertise. Agents who use Cloud CMA’s “What’s My Home Worth” landing page are able to leverage social media to attract people in their sphere that may be looking to sell. Plus, your very own landing page automatically responds to leads with a custom CMA report until you can personally reach out.

If you want more buyer leads.
If someone is starting their home search what information do they need? They need to know about new listings. They typically head to Zillow or Redfin and sign up for listing alerts. But what they don’t know is that portal listing information can be outdated or entirely incorrect – but you do! How can you entice a buyer to get listing alerts from you instead of the online portals? With listing alerts that are faster than theirs. Cloud Streams offers faster listing alerts than any portal (even the MLS), and with the lead generation widget you can entice potential buyers with data only you have access to!

Successfully attracting your own quality leads is truly an art form. Whether you are creating a Facebook Ad or designing your lead follow-up process, it all needs to be well thought out. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to generate leads for less, we just announced the release of our newest product, Cloud Attract! Cloud Attract is the most effective way to attract quality buyers and sellers with beautiful landing pages that entice consumers with Home Valuations, full CMAs, or listing alerts. Try it free for 30 days! (Please note, Cloud Attract is not available in Canada)


11 responses to ‘The Art of Attracting Your Own Quality Prospects

  1. I did a test run for the buyer page on Cloud Attract. It feels like too many steps to get to the information from the buyer’s perspective. 1)Enter your email address & any other info requested, 2) check your email and click on the link to open cloud stream, 3) enter your search criteria, 4) create a password. If it were me I would have moved on after I got to the screen that said “check your email”. Is this actually working for other professionals??

    I LOVE the seller landing pages though!!

  2. Hey Joseph,

    Generally speaking, Cloud Attract varies from MarketSnapshot in that you can create an unlimited amount of landing pages to target any market of buyers or sellers in just about any situation.

    I will have a member of our team contact your directly for a more in depth comparison.

    Thanks for your interest!

  3. Hey Anthony, I understand what you are saying. Please give our team a call at (855) 977-8834 so we can talk about this more. Thanks!

  4. Hey Terry,

    Unfortunately, at this time Cloud Attract is only available in the United States. It’s possible that it will be available in Canada in the future though, so stay tuned! Thanks for your interest. 🙂

  5. Hi I am up in Canada on the west coast. Our board has cloud cma but do not offer any of your other products Will cloud attract work up here and where can I see an example?

  6. Lol, I requested this tool over a year ago and I don’t like that this “new” tool is costing more money. Cloud Attract should be included for users who paid for everything a few years ago and have stuck with you since.

  7. Roland – just want to say how much your continued support means to me and everyone here at W+R Studios. You are awesome!

  8. Awesome, thank you! I plugged it at an OCAR tech class today of about fifty people. So hopefully you get some signups form that. A guy asked the moderator if she knew of a good source for a landing page, so I piped in.

  9. Hey Roland,

    Glad to hear that you are excited about Cloud Attract!! Within the next few weeks we will be releasing some videos and hosting webinars… and we will absolutely be sharing Facebook Advertising best practices. Stay tuned and let us know if we can help you out personally with anything in the meantime. Thanks! 🙂

  10. I love the idea for the new product. Do you have any how-to videos done or planned for best practices for Facebook ads and post boosting – who and how to target. That would be great. I’ll be jumping on the 30 day trial soon.

    Thanks again! IDX next pretty please…

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