Woman scratching her head looking at text Should include the Zestimate in your CMA?

Should You Include the “Zestimate” In Your CMA?

The Zestimate. Sellers love it. As an agent, you probably don’t share that same sentiment. The dreaded “But Zillow says my home is worth …” at a listing presentation can quickly have you at odds with potential clients. So instead of ignoring the elephant in the room, you need to confront Zestimates head on. 

Woman scratching her head with text Where are top agents getting their seller leads?

Where are top agents getting their seller leads?

In such a competitive market, the hunt for new leads can be challenging and discouraging. And during unprecedented times, it becomes an even bigger challenge since hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of other agents in your market are going after the same leads. With 77% of homeowners potentially selling once stay-at-home restrictions end, shifting your focus…

Woman smiling and pointing to text Property Statuses You Should Include in Your CMA (and Why)

Property Statuses You Should Include in Your CMA (and Why)

A Comparative Market Analysis, or more commonly known as a CMA report, is the heart of every listing presentation. A well done CMA report can sell your skills as an agent, and help you overcome the most common seller objections. But more importantly, your CMA will help you determine a proper suggested list price. Because,…

Image with Instagram logo equals dollar sign

How to Get Your Next Deal Using Instagram

Since launching in 2010, Instagram has become one of the leading social media platforms and has transformed the way people do business. With over 500 million active users a day, it’s no secret why businesses have spent hours developing and creating a strategy to grow and promote their business on Instagram. But as a real…