Upgrade your CMAs and WIN this Year

With more than 500,000 real estate agents nationwide using Cloud CMA, it’s no secret that it’s the leading reporting tool in the industry. In minutes, you can create a full CMA report with data straight from the MLS that looks awesome to your clients, with little effort on your part! But being able to pull…

Introducing the NEW Cloud Streams

The New Cloud Streams includes: New Activity Stream on the agent dashboard. Faster Stream creation that is location-centric. Faster alerts than any other listing alert tool. Responsive design that works across all devices.

Get Instant Cash Offers with Cloud CMA and iBuyer Connect

Who are iBuyers? The term iBuyer refers to companies who give cash offers to homeowners. Compared to home flippers, iBuyers are not looking for fixer-uppers but rather homes that are liveable and only need minor repairs. They are typically backed by venture capital firms, so they are able to purchase a larger volume of homes.

You Might be Wasting Money on Marketing

It’s no secret – as your own business you have to spend money to make money. So you spend money on marketing to gain business and close transactions to collect commissions, right? While this makes perfect sense and there are plenty of ways to spend money on marketing, you might be wasting your money if…