How and When to Present a CMA Report

Presenting a CMA report is like a marriage proposal. Just because you have a ring, doesn’t mean the work is done and you’re magically engaged. Similarly, just because you have a great CMA, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get the listing. There’s a certain amount of care and finesse that must go into the act. Just…

Everything You Need for a Virtual Listing Presentation

The world we live in today is not the same world from six months ago. As a result, the real estate industry (along with countless others) has seen a rise in the use of virtual conferencing tools. Why? Because the world keeps turning and everyday affairs must resume. We must adapt.  W+R Studios’ 2020 Survey…

Go the Extra Mile for Your Clients with Curated Streams

Cloud Streams was designed to give you, the agent, an easy way to share new listings with your clients as soon as they hit the market. And since getting to new listings first is so important, we prioritized sending the fastest listing alerts in the industry so that you can provide the very best service…

What’s Behind Opendoor – An Inside Look

It’s no secret that the iBuyer movement has been gaining some serious traction and innovating the way agents do business in the real estate industry. And while innovation can be a positive thing, the iBuyer movement has definitely ruffled some feathers. 

Inside Our 2019 Boost: MLS Staff Summit

Last month, we held our second annual Boost: MLS Staff Summit! We had a wonderful time speaking with MLS trainers and staff from all over the country and they had some great feedback for us about the event and our products. Some highlights include: