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Automate your Cloud CMAs with Homebeat

The real estate industry is always asking “What’s next?At a recent conference, thought leader, Brian Boreo of 1000watt, said that “whoever figures out loyalty in real estate will win.” 

So how do you, as an agent, create enough loyalty with your past clients and homeowners to always win their repeat business and referrals?
Well, we have the solution for you.

Introducing Homebeat – for Cloud CMA. 

What is Homebeat? 

Homebeat makes it easy to stay connected with past clients and homeowners by automatically sending live, online CMAs on a regular cadence of your choosing – monthly all the way up to annually. Homebeat CMAs show how your client’s home compares with other similar homes in their market – not just AVMs. And best of all, information on Homebeat CMAs is always current and will show the latest market data every time they check the link. 

Why use Homebeat? 

Put your marketing on auto-pilot. Automatically send clients a comparison of their home to others on the market. This keeps you as the agent top of mind and of value in that comparing homes is just the beginning. When your clients are ready for a complete home valuation, they can contact you directly from their Homebeat CMA for a full report. Plus, your branding is front and center so you stay top of mind.

How does it work? 

Easy. All you need is your client’s email and home address. Then schedule the frequency. You can pick how often to touch base: Monthly all the way up to Annually. Last and final step is to send and automate! They’ll get their first Homebeat right away and then automatically in the future.

To see Homebeat in action, check out this video: 

Cloud CMA is part of the Cloud Agent Suite. If you already have the entire Suite of available products, great! You get Homebeat free as part of your current subscription. If you are a new subscriber to Cloud Agent Suite, Homebeat will be included free as part of your subscription. If you are just a Cloud CMA subscriber you can get either upgrade to the full Cloud Agent Suite or login into your Cloud CMA account and add-on Homebeat for just $299 per year. Both options include a 30-day free trial, so there’s no risk.

Pump up your business. Stay top of mind. And easily connect with past clients and homeowners using Homebeat. 

*Homebeat for Cloud CMA is available in select markets only. To check availability, visit 



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  1. Hi Kerri! Great question! There is a feature that shows how many times it has been viewed and the last time it was open. Simply hover over the Homebeat in question and the stats will appear. We hope you try it out – it’s a great feature of Homebeat.

  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for reaching out! We’d love to tell you more about Homebeat. Someone from our team will be contacting you through your email shortly.

  3. Hi Steven – thank you for reaching out! We would love to talk about Homebeat for your brokerage. I’ve forwarded your email to our Senior Broker Success Manager, Shane McCarthy, and he will be in touch shortly!

  4. Will HOMEBEAT be a REALTOR member benefit/East valley Board of Realtors? if not how much?

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