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Brokers, Stand Out with Cloud CMA Custom Themes

Your day is packed with meetings, interviews, and phone calls that make time flash in the blink of an eye. Owning a brokerage is a full-time commitment and the last thing you need to worry about is the materials your agent takes to a listing presentation. 

So what’s a savvy Broker like yourself to do? 

Create your own Cloud CMA Custom Broker Theme. 

With your own custom theme you can apply your Broker branding to every Cloud CMA report, finally get away from MLS printouts, and ensure that you’re providing the best resources to your agents. Just imagine, the next time one of your agents presents a CMA or Buyer Tour, your branding and support will be with them every step of the way. With your custom theme, you can choose to include custom pages, place your logo front and center throughout the reports, and ensure that your brand colors are consistently used. 

Here are some examples of everything you can do with a Cloud CMA Custom Broker Theme:

  • Provide key broker resource pages to help with your agent’s presentations including your:
    • Company information and resources 
    • Marketing plans and statistics 
    • Pricing strategies 
    • Open house plans 
    • Industry trends 
    • And more!
  • Provide a template for your agents to use that creates the perfect flow in their listing presentations. Each agent will have the ability to add, remove, or re-arrange pages based on their own needs. 
  • Keep your brand consistent by building your color scheme for headers, keywords, and borders into every Cloud CMA report page. 
  • A custom cover page that will set the tone for a stellar presentation. 

Let Cloud CMA help YOU, by placing your brokerage’s branding and resources front and center in every report that your agents create. Their next winning presentation is waiting. Check out our special pricing today for a quote on your customer theme! 


6 responses to ‘Brokers, Stand Out with Cloud CMA Custom Themes

  1. Hey Joe, we apologize for the late response! You may schedule a one on one demo with an Agent Services team member to get your questions answered here!

  2. Hey Janet, we apologize for the late response! You can reach us Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm Pacific, or Saturdays from 9am to 3pm Pacific, by calling 855-977-8834, and choosing Option 2 for Customer Support.

  3. Hi Kent – thanks so much for reaching out! Someone from our team will be emailing you shortly to discuss your profile.

  4. HI:
    I just signed up for Cloud CMA and would like to set up my profile and CMA templates. I need help! Could you call me on Monday to help me get established? I used received Cloud CMA through John L. Scott and used it hundreds of times. I loved it but I have changed to a broker that doesn’t provide this service. I need to get set up asap!

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