5 Must-Follow Real Estate YouTubers

Digital marketing has drastically changed in the last decade. The rise of social media in the 2010s has been a game changer for small companies and entrepreneurs who now have full control of their marketing strategy at little to no cost. Why is this relevant to you? Because real estate is not just about selling…

Focus on the Give, Not the Get

To be successful in life and business it makes sense to look at other successful people and find out what they’ve done to get there. While some successful people don’t want to share their secrets, there are plenty of others who do.

Conquer DIY Real Estate Photography: Part 1

Hi! My name is Sarynelli and I am the new Video Production Manager here at W+R Studios. My mission is to provide you with the best photography, video, and editing tips and tricks that you can apply to your real estate business today. There is a lot to go over, so this post will be…

Your 30 Day Real Estate Challenge

Ever since Morgan Spurlock released his controversial film in 2004, Super Size Me, where he ate McDonalds everyday for 30 days, the idea of completing some sort of 30 day challenges have become increasingly popular. Now, there are hundreds to choose from – ranging from fitness, to healthier eating, to thinking more positively, or even…

WOW Your Leads With Video

Today, video has become one of the most effective ways for businesses to communicate with their consumers, which is why businesses that employ the use of video grow their revenue 49% faster than non-video users! So how can you easily make videos to connect with leads without hiring an entire film crew?