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Connecting Made Easy with Inman Connect Now

“The more that we (as realtors) embrace technology, the more it becomes humanizing.” -Tommy Choi , Co-Founder of Weinberg Choi Residential and Keller Williams Chicago-Lincoln Park Now, hear me out. I might be biased working for a technology-based company but I felt this quote from last week’s Inman Connect Now spoke volumes. For the first time…

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3 Top Takeaways from Inman Connect New York

Last month, I attended my 6th Inman Connect New York (😱where does the time go?!). As usual, it was a great event with a ton of content, engaging sessions and extracurricular activities. At my first Inman Connect back in 2014, my big takeaways were being human in your business, connecting with millenials, and international business…

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8 Partners We are Thankful for This Season

It’s official. The holidays have started which include my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. And in this season of saying thanks and showing appreciation, I can’t help but feel overjoyed (and a little overwhelmed) in the many thanks I want to give to everyone I have interacted with this year. But, I know what you are thinking…who…

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Inside Our 2019 Boost: MLS Staff Summit

Last month, we held our second annual Boost: MLS Staff Summit! We had a wonderful time speaking with MLS trainers and staff from all over the country and they had some great feedback for us about the event and our products. Some highlights include:

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Inside Look at Our First Ever Boost!

The team here at Cloud Agent Suite consistently has one goal: help real estate agents look awesome so they can do more business. But beyond just creating awesome tools for real estate agents, we know we can still do more.