Cleaning Up Your Real Estate Website and Social Media

mop-901029-mIn a previous article we discussed the importance of website performance, now we’re going to talk about cleaning up your website!

Dead links? Oh, no!

Have you ever taken directions from someone and got lost? The amount of frustration is the same when you search for something specific on a website and the link is dead. When putting a link on your website, make sure that link is specifically directed to its subject. It would be a shame if you linked a listing of a home and it didn’t return the right listing, or even worse, nothing at all. Taking the time to do a check like this can help your clients and Google’s ranking system.

Are your images optimized?

When adding images to your website it is important to consider the name of those images. Images that come straight out of the camera already have names that looks similar to a bunch of letters and numbers. Google, however, has no idea what that means. People aren’t going to be searching for “DSC_4342” they’re going to be searching for “3 bedroom house specific location.” If you Google just “3 bedroom house” in the image search, you are going to find that there are millions of images with the same tag. Try to target your images to what the photo is and location.

Social Media and your website

Social media is not for just the family and friends anymore, it’s for businesses. Google actually takes this into account when determining rank for a website. Many people look at social media negatively when they shouldn’t; especially when return on investment (ROI) gets thrown around when discussing the subject. If you’re looking for a way to instantly capitalize on social media, it isn’t going to happen. Building a following takes time and if you take the time to pay attention to your clients, the brand awareness that you will receive will be worth it. If you already started a social media campaign and your posts are from 2012, it’s time to get them up to date! If you want referrals, social media is a prime place to receive them through sharing of your content. Don’t neglect it.

Taking the right approach to cleaning up your website will ensure that you are paying attention to your clients needs. Not only that, it will make you look good too and who doesn’t like to look good? And of course, why just look good when you can look AWESOME?! So keep your Cloud CMA tools handy so you can let us help you look awesome in front of your clients!


3 responses to ‘Cleaning Up Your Real Estate Website and Social Media

  1. You might want to consider not redirecting your personal URL to your corporate website. You can redirect your domain to your own website, or even your profile page on Zillow, Trulia, or your company.

    You should be able to redirect your domain easily with the company you registered it with… such as GoDaddy. I’ve done the same thing myself. If you don’t know how to redirect your domain then call the free tech support and ask them to walk you through it.

  2. Hi Barbara, that doesn’t sound good – unfortunately, I am not sure what to tell you other than continue to follow up with your company to see what’s going on. I’m sorry I can’t help you more, but this article was designed to just provide ideas and ways to improve your website. Since each website is different, how it’s functioning is something we cannot assist with. I do hope the issue gets resolved!

  3. My URL goes to my Company, C21Rainbow. While someone will try to ask me a question or contact me, the information has been being distributed to other agents in my office. I have been testing this and get calls back from other agents who are receiving my leads. I have discussed this with the office manager who is discussing this with “Corporate” What do you recommend? I’m promoting my website and the leads are not coming to me 🙁

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