Do More with Your Cloud Attract Leads with Zapier
Cloud Attract

Do More with Your Cloud Attract Leads with Zapier

Every tool in the Cloud Agent Suite was created with a similar goal in mind – simplify an aspect of selling real estate so that you can spend more time with clients, instead of being in front of the computer.

Our premium product, Cloud Attract, helps you to easily generate more leads from your own sphere of influence using targeted landing pages. So rather than sending leads who engage with your Facebook Ads to your generic non-lead generating website, you can design a simple Cloud Attract landing page your leads will actually engage with.

Since our goal is to make things easier, we felt it was important to team up with our friends at Zapier to improve how you can manage your Cloud Attract leads. Zapier allows you to connect multiple apps, that otherwise don’t naturally integrate together. More than 1,300 apps use Zapier to let their customers get more work done.

Here’s a few examples of how you can use Zapier to manage your Cloud Attract leads:

Register New Cloud Attract Leads in Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is one of the leading CRM and Lead Management systems for real estate agents. They make it super easy to keep track of all your leads details in one place including all of your calls, text messages, and emails! And now, all your Cloud Attract leads will automatically be sent to Follow Up Boss with Zapier.

Get SMS messages for new leads in Cloud Attract

As a real estate agent, you are always on-the-go. Which means sometimes you miss emails, including the ones about new leads. Now you can rest assured that you’ll never miss another Cloud Attract lead again. Easily set-up a Zap to get a text message every time you get a new Cloud Attract lead.

Post messages to a Slack channel for new Cloud Attract leads

Slack has easily become the leading tool to help employees and teams get more work done. In fact, more than 500,000 companies use Slack everyday to communicate and work smarter together. So if you want to notify your team about new leads, just set up a Zap and automatically send you new Cloud Attract lead to a Slack channel so that they can follow up.

Add new Cloud Attract leads to Intercom as leads

Intercom is a robust tool for sales and marketing that allows you to connect with your leads and customers at the right time. Now, just set up a quick Zap and automatically send your Cloud Attract leads to Intercom so you can place them in an automated campaign or manually message them.

Create Salesforce leads from new Cloud Attract leads

Salesforce is the #1 CRM for small, medium, and large sized businesses. With hundreds of integrations to other sales and marketing platforms, it’s easily at the center of many businesses across the world. Now, just set up a Zap to automatically send your Cloud Attract leads to Salesforce so your team can follow up!

We have another SIX Cloud Attract integrations now available via Zapier, so check out their website to see the full list.

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2 responses to ‘Do More with Your Cloud Attract Leads with Zapier

  1. Hey Britta, You can also use Cloud Attract landing pages to target specifically buyers in Miami beach and then advertise the landing page on Facebook! Same with targeting sellers in Miami Beach as well. 🙂

  2. Thank you ,I am not looking for generating more leads from my own sphere of influence
    However I am looking for generating qualified leads from daily searching buyers and sellers of my area in Miami Beach

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