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Cloud CMA adds new report themes!

It’s been over a week since the NAR Annual Conference and EXPO in New Orleans and I’m still not 100% recovered from 3 days of working and 3 nights of Bourbon Street.  But I still wanted to share some of the great things we introduced at the show.  We’ve got a lot going on so I’m gonna make this a 2 part post.

Part One: New Cloud CMA report themes!!

While all of us here at W&R Studios are very proud of the UI and UX of Cloud CMA we never felt that the reports were up to the level of the Cloud CMA app itself.  Sure the reports were 1000% better that what any standard MLS print outs but we wanted our reports to stand out against the best marketing material out there.

With the latest release of Cloud CMA we think we’ve done this.  Here are three examples of our new Cloud CMA reports themes.




The reports are now super clean! We have also made it easy to incorporate major franchises by pre-defining color schemes.  So if you’re a Century 21 agent, you just pick the “Black and Gold” theme.

New Report Options!

One of the biggest things we added is the ability to choose your report font. This gives you an almost unlimited way to personalize your reports.

New Fonts!

So far the response from our users has been fantastic.  In Part II,  I’ll talk about a brand new report set we are adding and review the ability to create custom pages.

Rise above!



5 responses to ‘Cloud CMA adds new report themes!

  1. @MaryBeth
    Typically we can display most fields that the MLS has stored for the listing.

    Does the MLS capture the data you are looking for. Do they have a field that tells how many bedrooms per floor? Does that clarify if the bedroom is a master? Seems like this would be difficult to accomplish for the MLS.

  2. I’ve used the Cloud CMA a few times but my clients want to see the room dimensions, where the rooms are located (main floor, 2nd floor,) etc. that do not show up on the Cloud Property Reports. It is pretty but just doesn’t get the job done! Any suggestions other than make a combination of the Cloud report and the old listing sheets??

  3. I just purchased Cload CMA about 2 months ago and have been very happy with the product. It is easy to use, intergrates easily with my local MLS and it lets you edit in no time at all. I would definately recommend it and I must say it’s about time someone came up with a replacement to CMA Lightning Plus. I do want to say, I wish they had more theme templates, they have a few but none of them are like CMA Lightning Plus. If they could add elegant script, formal, busines etc…that would make it perfect. For now, I use the key theme since it fits in with real estate.

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