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Cloud CMA Ranks #1 – How Do You Rate Us?

When we’re asked what Cloud CMA is all about, the answer is easy… we make you look AWESOME in front of clients and prospects!! collects real estate agent reviews on all kinds of real estate software and Cloud CMA is ranked #1 for CMA software. We’re not telling you this to gloat, but rather to eat large piece of humble pie. We know that you have several choices for your real estate software needs, and we’re just so pleased that you chosen us and we want to know what you think.  ratinga imageOur entire goal here at Cloud CMA is to make you not only look awesome in front of clients but to equip you with the latest, most efficient real estate software available in today’s market. We are always looking for more simple and productive ways to help you do your job with more accuracy and having all the information you need at your finger tips.  We help you create presentations that are informative and beautifully designed so that your clients walk away knowing they made the right decision by choosing you as their agent.

Now it’s your turn to rate us!

Love us?  Like us?  Let us know!  Don’t be shy, we’re always open to subscriber feedback. It will only take a minute to answer just a few questions. Visit to leave your review of Cloud CMA!

Three Cheers to you, our Subscribers

We want to thank to all of you again for helping Cloud CMA reach our most recent milestone. With 100,000 members strong, we’re thrilled you have become part of our community.  Here’s another exciting milestone we’re about to reach – we’re coming up on 2 million reports being published (we’ll tell you more about this later, it’s kind of on the DL right now if you know what we mean)!  These milestones couldn’t have been achieved without you and we are forever grateful. Thank you for being awesome.


7 responses to ‘Cloud CMA Ranks #1 – How Do You Rate Us?

  1. wow number 1, really? I am trying to use for the first time and cant get past the property search feature. first off I am trying to do a CMA for a Condo. and cant get building specific searches = fail. So I try asking for up to 50 comps and up to 3 years back hoping to get more from the same building. I get 7 and only 3 from the building Im trying to do. and then program chooses comps from other building where units go for twice and 3 times the price as the building im choosing. long story short. your algorithm for picking comparable properties does not work. as an agent I am not interested in your program choosing comps for me. I want all of the comps so that I can choose. There is liability for me if I leave comps out and your program cant be trusted to include the relevant comps. so Id have to say you have a lot of work to do. Id suggest scrapping your search feature/ or at least trying harder.

  2. Hi Jerry – thanks for the feedback! We love hearing what our customers need and always work towards improving our products based on feedback like yours 🙂

  3. Hi Anne, we’re so sorry to hear that you had troubles – a Member Services Representative will reach out to you directly.

  4. Hi Michael, thank you for your feedback! We’ll take that into consideration for future releases.

  5. I have been one of your clients for over a year, always happy with your system, till this past month.
    I had a problem on a Saturday morning that some glitch in your system would not allow me to do a CMA. It would put me in a loop, telling me to update my profile, I did, it told me it was successfully updated, then when I tried to enter again into the system, same thing again, asked me to update my profile..etc.
    NO help whatsoever till Monday morning. As a result I lost a $400K listing. Not a Happy story.
    Perhaps you could do some work on your system or have some help during weekends and Holidays.

  6. I use it all the time, now I’m also using your Buyer Tour. Could you add the MLS number and the directions for the agent appointment email. That would help a great deal.



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