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Cloud CMA Integrates with Wise Agent to Provide One-Click CMAs

imageImplementing a customer relation management (CRM) system into your business efforts is quite literally one of the best moves you can make in 2016. Why? Simply put, you waste a lot of time sending out individual emails and keeping track of information on every contact you have ever made. A CRM gives you a place to store pertinent information about past clients, current clients, and leads so you have one place to refer back to. A CRM also gives you an automated way to then follow up with these contacts. We have talked about how automation is invaluable in your business, so I won’t spend too much time there.

The reason why I am bringing back up this topic of automation and implementing a CRM is because this week we officially announced that popular real estate agent CRM, Wise Agent, and Cloud CMA are now integrated.

So what exactly does this integration do for you?

  1. You can now send any contact in your Wise Agent CRM a Cloud CMA report with just one click.
  2. You can now use CMAs as part of your prospecting efforts. Send past clients and leads CMAs instantly to drum up new business.

Questions on how to get started with this? Contact Wise Agent directly for any questions via email,, or by phone – (480) 836-0345.


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