Cloud CMA Is Faster Than Ever!
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Cloud CMA Is Faster Than Ever!


As humans we are obsessed with speed. Your smartphone tells you the fastest way to get to your destination. Books like, “Fail Fast Fail Often” encourage you to go after what you want quickly. During the Olympics we obsess over athletes who break records and are deemed “the fastest man alive”. Who has the fastest internet? And who makes the fastest computer?

Check out these really fast stats:

Fastest man alive: Usain Bolt has been clocked at the speed of 27.44 miles per hour!

The fastest car: Hennessey Venom GT was clocked at 270.49 mph.

The fastest animal on land is the cheetah which can run up to 75 mph.

Here at Cloud CMA, we are also “fast obsessed”. We are always working to help agents streamline their business processes by making improvements to our product. That’s why we are super excited to announce that Cloud CMA now publishes reports more than four times faster!

How did we do it?

Without boring you with a bunch of technical jargon, we updated our publishing system so you can spend less time at the computer (or on your phone) and more time with your clients!

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4 responses to ‘Cloud CMA Is Faster Than Ever!

  1. Hey Maureen! Thanks for the suggestion! I like your idea on changing the messaging while people wait for their CMA to be generated. I am going to pass this along to our development team as a change like that will take some work “behind the scenes” to make.

  2. HI! I am new to cloud cma but it definitely took long to create the CMA (BuffaloNiagaraMLS). When the CMA is being created (the arrows are going around) next to the “please wait while we create your CMA” – is it possible to put in something like “We appreciate your patience – this may take a minute or two…” It was taking really long and I am concerned that people will click off the screen rather than wait. Is that something that I can do or could be done?

    Thanks for any information!

  3. Hey Amie, what MLS are you in?? I am going to pass your information along to our support team and they may be able to determine what is going on for you. I have definitely noticed the increase when creating reports – so I want to make sure you do as well!

  4. I have not noticed an increase in speed at all when publishing reports. It is just as slow as before. It is very frustrating because we have to tell clients to walk away for at least 3 minutes and then come back to their computer and report should be up. The report will not open up on iPhone.

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