Cloud CMA Launches New Interactive iPad® Presentation
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Cloud CMA Launches New Interactive iPad® Presentation

We are pleased to announce the addition of Cloud CMA’s new Interactive CMA!  This is a tablet-friendly presentation mode that will engage your clients in listing presentations and make you look awesome! Read the full press release, click here.

Check out this short video on the new Interactive CMA in action:

Cloud CMA’s Interactive CMA FAQ


What is Cloud CMA’s “Present” mode (Interactive CMA)?
Cloud CMA’s new “present” mode is an interactive CMA that’s designed to be a tablet-friendly presentation format for showing listing presentations to clients.

How much does it cost?
Cloud CMA’s “Present” mode is a free enhancement for Cloud CMA subscribers.

How do I get to the “Present” mode?
The “Present” mode has already been added to your Cloud CMA account.  Within Cloud CMA, on the “CMA tab”, all reports will have a new hyperlink called “Present” that will launch the interactive CMA.  The red arrow points to where the “Present” hyperlink is shown on the image below:

Can I use the “Present” mode even if I don’t have a tablet?
Yes, this interactive CMA works on your desktop computer, however, it is optimized for use on a tablet.

Will this new mode replace my current Cloud CMA reports?
No. Your Cloud CMA reports will remain the same, however, you now have a new way of showing your reports to clients in an interactive and visually appealing manner.

Can I show other Cloud CMA reports (Buyer Tour and Property Report) in “Present” mode?
At this time, “Present” mode is only available for use with a CMA.  We may consider implementing “Present” mode into other report sets in future launches.

Can I share the “Present” mode report with my clients?
Yes. When sharing your report with a client, they will have access to both the traditional PDF report as well as the “Present” mode version.

So I clicked “Present” and the presentation opened, now what?
Click the “?” in the lower left hand corner of your screen for a quick overview of what you can do.  Or you can read this: Once your presentation has loaded, you can now swipe from right to left to scroll through your comparable properties.  Once a comparable property has loaded, you can then swipe from bottom to top to view more property photos.  To enlarge a particular photo, click on the image and an enlarge version will appear on your screen.  Simply click the “X” in the upper right hand corner to close the enlarged image.  The navigation key in the lower right hand corner indicates the directions you can move from the screen you are currently on.  To navigate back to the map of all listings, click the house shaped icon in the middle of the navigation key.

Does it work on more than iPads?
Yes. While it’s optimized for use on an iPad, this mode of presentation has also been testing and will function properly on many Android devices..

Do I need an Internet connection to use it?

Can I add my own pages?
At this time no, however, you can add custom pages to your regular Cloud CMA reports. See this support documentation on how to add custom PDF pages to your reports.

Can I brand it with my brokerage?
At this time no, however, we are considering more customizable options for future releases.

Can I turn off Zillow information?
Yes. In order to remove Zillow data from your “Present” mode presentation, you need to remove all pages that include Zillow data on the customize step of report generation.  When all pages that include Zillow data are removed, those figures will not show up on your “Present” mode presentation.


46 responses to ‘Cloud CMA Launches New Interactive iPad® Presentation

  1. Hey Craig, great question! You will need an internet connection in order to deliver an Interactive iPad Presentation. However, you can always choose to save the report as a PDF and deliver offline if need be!

  2. Hi Adam, at this time – no, there isn’t a way to do that but that’s a great suggestion and I’ll pass it along to our product team!

  3. Is there a way to show the zillow estimate of the subject property in the online evaluation page?

  4. This will be an incredible tool want you make it possible to customize what pages are shown and in what order – similar to the CMA report. Also I am finding the MLS pictures to be blurry on the pages with comparable home information.

  5. I agree. I am having problems even figuring out what pages I have that include Zillow data. I have not included any pages that specifically say they are Zillow data and I still have the Zillow info in my presentation. I am having to try removing one page at a time to figure out which page is causing the Zillow information to show up.

  6. Hi Sharon, thanks for the comment – unfortunately at this time, those pages cannot be taken out of the Interactive Presentation. We’ve heard this request in the past though so it’s possible we can implement something for you to be able to do that in the future. Sorry! I hope this helps. If you ever need additional help or info, feel free to check out our support site: or call us at 855.977.8834

  7. Can pages be taken out of the “present”?

    There are several pages (such as the commission slide) that I would not present to my clients this way. Please tell me there is a way to remove your automatic content!

  8. Hey Larry, At this time we do not have a mobile app for Cloud CMA, but you can still access Cloud CMA from your phone! We are optimized for mobile 🙂

  9. Hi Karen, unfortunately at this time the adjustments page is not set up to display in Present mode. But we’re always working on improving our products based on customer feedback so thank you for the comment! I hope this helps.

  10. Hi Eli, thanks for the feedback. We always recommend using a traditional CMA report in conjunction with the Interactive Presentation so that your client has something to take away from the listing presentation and that way you can refer back to it when there’s something you want to highlight that isn’t included in the Interactive Presentation. Regarding your first point, if the property is not actively listed in the MLS (which usually they aren’t leading up to a listing presentation), you’ll get the aerial view of the property location. You can upload a photo of the subject property during the “Criteria” section of report creation and it will show up on the PDF, but unfortunately not on the Interactive Presentation. I hope this helps!

  11. Would love to see the adjustments to value in the presentation version. They are in the main version, however, when using the presentation version; they are not able to be view. Is this possible?

  12. The presentation tool has potential but I feel so limited in editing it that it just makes more sense for me to go through the original published CMA. There are pages that I would like to delete and add (definitely a marketing plan) before using this tool.
    A couple issues in particular I am having:
    – Main photo is not included in presentation rather just a google aerial view
    – I left out all Zillow pages in the customizable CMA but they are still included in the presentation

  13. Hi Brent, thank you for the suggestion and we have had other requests for adding the content pages to present mode, but at this time do not have an ETA on when that will happen. It’s great that you supplement the Interactive iPad Presentation with a printed report – we always recommend doing that anyways so that the client gets something to keep and hold onto after the presentation is over.

  14. I really like this feature however. I would really like it if they could add in my extra pages that I have in there. Such as my Marketing approach and 60 point plan of action. I find myself having to print it out still to go over the plan of action which in my mind is what separates me from everyone else. Please, Please, Please , add this feature.

  15. Hi Todd – Yes, it is possible! You’ll just need to remove the browser bar. Here’s how to do it: While viewing the present mode on the iPad, you will need to select the option to add in to your home screen. This will save the present mode url on your iPad. Once that’s been added, you can close the present mode and then reopen it using the shortcut created on your iPad home screen. I hope this helps, if you need further assistance feel free to email or call us at 855.977.8834

  16. Is it possible to present the CMA in full screen as shown in the demonstration video? Both Safari and Chrome will not allow a full screen mode on the iPad Air… Thanks!

  17. Hey Francisco, that’s a very popular feature request so we do have something in the works, but it’s not quite ready yet. Great input though 🙂 Stay tuned for updates!

  18. Hi Annette, thank you for your comment. I am forwarding it to our support department so they can look into your account further and figure out what’s going on. Thank you for your patience as we work on getting you an answer!

  19. Per this blog…you indicate once you have turned off Zillow reports, Zillow numbers will not appear in your “present” in the CMA. However, I have tried that several times and there is not one Zillow page in my cma report, yet zestimates are still showing up in present mode. Is this a bug??? How can I remove?????

    I have referenced your answer below:

    Can I turn off Zillow information? Yes. In order to remove Zillow data from your “Present” mode presentation, you need to remove all pages that include Zillow data on the customize step of report generation. When all pages that include Zillow data are removed, those figures will not show up on your “Present” mode presentation.

  20. Hi Randy, Cloud CMA is a web-based application which means that it works on ALL devices regardless of make or manufacturer. There’s nothing to download and since everything is stored in “the cloud” you can access your account and client reports from any device – from anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection. I hope this helps, as always if you need further assistance, please email or call us at 855.977.8834.

  21. Hi Ira, thanks for all the great suggestions! We greatly appreciate your feedback 🙂

  22. LOVE IT!

    Some suggestions and ideas

    Would love the option to select or edit pages, the way I can do it on the Cloud CMA PDF.

    Next Steps – I’d probably remove this page – Seems like “call-to-action” should be by personal presentation rather than online.

    Intelligent Pricing Timing – “The market never lies, but it can change it’s mind” … I’d replace that with something else. Not fond of having people connect a presentation of mine with the word “lies” … and don’t think “change its mind” is appropriate.

    Thank You – CMA is a Realtor Term – consider defining it as CMA – Comparative Market Analysis or use a different expression “Click here for details on all the nearby homes which have sold” In many markets, there are no homes which are comparable … and many sellers have incomparable homes.

    Thanks for taking the ideas under consideration.

    Ira Serkes

    Color Scheme – perhaps change it. Red signifies danger, and that’s what you have for the sold.

    One idea (though make sure color-blind people can see the color)

    Subject – Light Green
    Active – Yellow
    Pending – Blue
    Sold – Dark Green
    Cancelled – Purple
    Expired – Black

  23. Hi Jane, yes you can upload your own personal logo to your Cloud CMA account under Settings. This will appear on your “Contact Me” page. Hope this helps!

  24. Hi,
    Can I brand my pages with my personal branding logo? I don’t see where I can upload my personal logo. . . Please tell me there is a way to do so?
    Thank you!

  25. Hi Sandra, no need to apologize! We thank you for your feedback and will take your suggestion into consideration 🙂

  26. Hi,
    I really object to the fact that we have to go out of our way to turn off Zillow pages and remove all those pages from the “present” mode. It should be the other way around. If we want to include Zillow info (who are not real estate pros, nor do they provide accurate info, and who take agent expertise to further aid themselves and sell it back to us) then we should take the extra step to do so. Sorry for the rant, but this is an important issue. Thanks.

  27. Hi Karen, at this time the Interactive iPad CMA does need an internet connection. This feature has been requested previously and we hope to be able to accommodate this during a future release. Thanks for your feedback & stay tuned!

  28. Would be great to be able to download to store on the ipad for those of us that don’t have internet connected ipads or do not want to impose on clients to use their wifi– can this be done or is it being worked on?

  29. Hi David – if you visit you will see a black button in the upper right hand corner that says “Log In”. Click that button and you will be prompted to sign in with your email address and password. As for not working on your iPad Air – it definitely should. I’ll have someone in Support reach out to you in regards to that. Hopefully this helps!

  30. So, where DO you get the web based app? I just signed up for an account and can’t find the ipad web based app anywhere obvious on your site…and your response above doesn’t answer the question either, plus, the primary web app doesn’t seem to work on my iPad Air. The only reason I’d consider your product is to use it pretty much exclusively on my iPad, so please point me in the right direction. Thanks!

  31. Hi Tory, thanks for reaching out – we’ve looked into your account and the Interactive iPad presentations appear to be working normally. We recommend restarting your tablet, making sure it’s operating system is up to date, and closing and re-opening your web browser application. If that doesn’t fix it please email or call us at 855.977.8834.

  32. Hi Rick,

    Cloud CMA is a web based app – not a native app (which is what you find in the app store). You can create a shortcut on your home screen that looks like an app but it’s basically a short cut to the web app. For reference, please visit: on how to create a shortcut. It’s basically the same process on the phone as the iPad. I hope this helps!

  33. Hi Sandra, yes. The first page of the Interactive iPad CMA will show the company name you’ve entered into your Cloud CMA account. Like the sample image shows “Prepared by Greg Robertson, RE/MAX Results” – your name and company name will show up there instead. You can add custom pages to your traditional CMA or Buyer Tour by following these instructions: I hope this helps!

  34. Can I brand it with my brokerage? At this time no, however, we are considering more customizable options for future releases.
    It will however bring up the brokerage that we work for correct. Just using the paper, or am I reading this wrong.

    also, do you have a step by step showing how to add pages to a cma, or buyer presentation – pages that were already created on desktop, and saved, but pages use for cma and others.? hope so, thanks

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