The New Face of Our Brand

The New Face of Our Brand

Design isn’t an expression of art, rather it is an expression of purpose. Design matters to us because it’s what makes our products useful. It’s easy to make things that are new and different, it’s much harder however, to make things that are better.

Cohesion between our products is integral to our vision. The re-design of our logos, introduced today, is an important step towards a more integrated suite of tools for agents.


In 2009, when W+R Studios released Cloud CMA, real estate agents rejoiced over a tool that was finally designed with them in mind, offering an alternative to the mediocre solutions available.

Fast forward to today, Cloud CMA’s user base has exceeded 200,000 and is growing rapidly. What Cloud CMA did for property reports, Cloud Streams is doing for listing alerts. With Cloud MLX, our latest product, we want to change the perception of what an MLS can be. We’re confident this suite of tools will give agents what they need to become more valuable in today’s real estate market.

Brand built for one


Cloud CMA’s old logo, as vibrant and unique as it was, had not conceived it would be part of a multi-product system. When it came to designing complementary identities for Cloud Streams and Cloud MLX, it felt like fitting a square peg in a cloud shaped hole. Like an awkward teenager stumbling over its growing body, our Cloud products needed to feel like they fit together, yet still express individuality.

A unique cloud

A logo’s purpose is fundamentally to identify. We created a bold and simple mark that can be drawn in one line from memory.


Our cloud products belong to the Cloud Agent Suite, each defined by a distinct color. They are easily relatable and present together in a harmonious way.



All sizes fit one

Practically, our logos needed to scale from the largest billboard to the smallest mobile screen. Emotionally, we wanted a cloud we could own, something that felt timeless, comfortable to all ages. The result is a symbol that is meant to inspire our customers about the possibilities of the brand.


cloud-agent-suite-mosaic cloud-agent-wr-studio-tradeshow


What about W+R?

Our corporate identity wasn’t even safe from the design chopping block. Adieu ampersand.


A logo can only do so much. We as a company will provide meaning to it. Through the discipline of design, we’ll improve our products to help you, the real estate professional.


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