Release Notes

Cloud CMA Product Release Notes 5.24.12

Some really nice enhancements in this release. Check it out:

Home tab now shows recent Cloud CMA related tweets underneath your recent report activity. The idea with this is to encourage users to tweet their reports, and to see others public reports so that you can get ideas on how to better use Cloud CMA. If someone tweets a killer open house tour, it’d be nice if the other users saw it and learned from buy from canadian pharmacy it.

Spanish language selector for CMA and Buyer Tour Franchise themes. This drop down will appear on the Customize step below the Font selector, but only on those two report types and only when a Franchise theme is chosen. Muy bueno!

You can now upload images in the Page Contents editor. No more having to use urls of images hosted elsewhere. We allow you to upload cialis daily or as needed up to 20 images to be used in your custom pages. Saving custom pages should be more obvious now too – no more blue diskette to click, there’s now a big green Save button below the editor, and if you try to navigate away without saving, you’ll get a warning.

Subject property address input field on CMA now does auto-complete using Google Maps addresses. This provides for much faster input by users, and the address will be much more accurate, ensuring the user enters the city and state. Proximity searches and aerial photos should be more accurate as a result.


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