Cloud CMA Product Updates
Product Updates

Cloud CMA Product Updates

Here at W+R Studios, our goal is to make you look awesome in front of your clients. Our team of experts are constantly working to update and improve our products to help you do just that. We recently made three updates to Cloud CMA that we are excited to share with you.

Reviews from Reach150
Having glowing reviews is just another way that you can make yourself stand out against the competition. Now, in addition to adding reviews and ratings with our current partners, RatedAgent, RealSatisfied, Testimonial Tree and Zillow, you can also add your reviews from Reach150!  

To add reviews to your Cloud CMA Reports, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log into your Cloud CMA account and go to Settings.


Step 2: Click on “Lead Gen” in the black bar.


Step 3: Scroll down the page to “Add reviews and ratings to your Cloud CMA Report” and enter your account information in each appropriate box.


Step 4: Click on “Update Services” to save the changes.


Sold Property Analysis Page
After getting some feedback about our Sold Property Analysis Page, we decided to make an update to better align this page with industry standards.

The old Sold Property Analysis Page calculated the percentage difference between the sold and list prices. It used to look like this:


With our new update, this page now calculates the sold price as a percentage of list price and  looks like this:


Map Updates
Where you used to see map views on the cover page of your reports, now you see the satellite image of the subject property. We think this is better because you get a more detailed view of the surrounding properties with the satellite image. But, if you still prefer the original map view, you can always switch back and forth between satellite and map views. On the customize step,either choose to add the “Title page (satellite)” or “Title page (map)” to select the page you prefer.


Horray! More choices and customizable options for you.

Well there you have it. Three amazing updates that will help you thrive in the real estate industry and start winning more listings today.

Cloud CMA is free for the first 30 days, so start your free trial today!




5 responses to ‘Cloud CMA Product Updates

  1. Will try the new features and comment will be sent. Thank you for the announcement and notification.

  2. Hi Timothy, thank you for your comment. We’ve heard this request a lot from our customers over the years and are actively working on this feature. Stay tuned for product updates!

  3. Can you guys provide the ability to insert custom PDF’s into the reports so I can easily fold in outside content without having to include a jpg?

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