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Cloud CMA Production Release Notes 11.17.11

11.17.11 – MRIS MLS (Maryland and Virginia) now in production!!! – Status icon added to the address bar on report pages makes the status more obvious for agents and consumers. – Company logo added to the top of the Our Company page. – Buyer

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Tour summary email now includes showing instructions, listing office name/phone, listing agent name/phone. This email is for the agents eyes only. – New Property Report summary email similar to the Buyer Tour summary email, but only goes out if the request for the property report was made by email, not in the web app. The idea is that the agent only needs to know this info for a property report if they’re in the field. – Footer on Franchise themes have been cleared up by not allowing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace urls. These urls still appear on the Contact Me page where there’s more room. – admin/mls dashboards now have “Download users” link. – All CMA reports requested by email will have the headline “Quick CMA” by default. – Fixed some text in the new content on the Importance of Intelligent Pricing page.


2 responses to ‘Cloud CMA Production Release Notes 11.17.11

  1. @Jeff sorry for the late response your comment got caught in our spam filter. I’ll contact you next week to make sure the issue is resolved.

  2. Hey, first of all I LOVE your service. Way cool and EFFICIENT! BUT, there is a problem with using it with our MRIS service that I see. This could also be a liability problem. When the reports pull the remarks from MRIS listing, it is pulling the General/Agent remarks instead of the Internet remarks. Some agents put lockbox combinations in the general remarks, as well as other things they do not want the general public to see.

    Your reports are only pulling the general remarks (what is not intended for public consumption) and is NOT pulling the Internet remarks (which ARE intended for the public.)

    Is there any way to fix that?

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