Cloud CMA vs. MoxiPresent
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Cloud CMA vs. MoxiPresent

Cloud CMA – The Best of Both Worlds

When you compare Cloud CMA vs. MoxiPresent I’m sure you will find 10 features that Cloud CMA has, that MoxiPresent doesn’t.  I’m equally certain that MoxiPresent has 10 features that Cloud CMA doesn’t.

The real difference is centered around design.  Design is not just how something looks, but how it works.  This is where we believe Cloud CMA distinguishes itself as the true industry leader in Comparative Market Analysis software solutions.

Key takeaways:

-Cloud CMA is a product of W+R Studios

-MoxiPresent is a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) tool from MoxiWorks.

MoxiWorks is owned by Windermere Real Estate, Long & Foster, and Howard Hanna. These are all real estate franchisors.  Recently they sold part of the business to a private equity firm Vector Capital

Windermere is a real estate franchisor headquartered in Seattle, WA, Long & Foster is headquartered out of Virginia and Howard Hanna Real Estate is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.  These are all highly respected firms.  But ask yourself, as a broker do you want agents using software made by a potential competitor?  These brokerages recently sold a majority stake of MoxiWorks to a private equity firm.  The goal of private equity firms is to grow a business then sell the business to the highest bidder.

Cloud CMA is owned by W+R Studios, a privately held software company located in Huntington Beach, CA.  We are a software company, period.  We have no other goals other than creating great software for real estate professionals.

That being said, Windermere franchisees and many independent Windermere agents have chosen Cloud CMA over MoxiPresent.

We currently have over 600 Windermere agents using Cloud CMA.  We think this is a strong testament since they would be in the best position to evaluate both solutions.

What CMA solution is compatible with more MLS providers?  Answer: Cloud CMA.

At the time of this writing Cloud CMA is available in over 330 MLS providers around the country.  Cloud CMA subscribers generate on average over 260,000 Cloud CMA reports per month.  To date, Cloud CMA has over 500,000 active subscribers who have generated close to 16 million reports.

All major MLS systems have deep integration with Cloud CMA.  MoxiPresent has none.

The top 5 MLS Vendors have Cloud CMA integrated into their MLS systems.  This includes CoreLogic’s Matrix MLS systems, FBS’ flexMLS, Black Knight’s Paragon, Rapattoni MLS, and many others. The top MLS providers have turned this functionality on.

MoxiWorks does not integrate with any MLS systems directly.  Agents must use their search interface, which is very limited compared to the MLS, and does not allow searching on all the fields on an MLS system.  So, they must copy and paste MLS numbers into MoxiPresent.

Cloud CMA is a lead generating machine

Every Cloud CMA account comes with “What My Home Worth Landing Page” and a “What’s My Home Worth Button” that can be added to any website or blog.  By visiting this landing page prospective sellers enter their home address and a branded and personalized Cloud CMA report will be automatically generated and sent to them.  The agent will receive an email notification that a CMA was sent.

With Cloud CMA, agents can generate any report by just sending an email.  Any Cloud CMA subscriber can send the Subject Property address to and we will send back a fully personalized and branded CMA they can then forward to their client.  Cloud CMA does all the work.  To find out more about this innovative feature please check out this video.

MoxiPresent provides no built-in lead generation capabilities.

All of Cloud CMA reports can be easily shared on Facebook, Twitter or a blog.

Cloud CMA has an API program.  This gives developers the ability to integrate Cloud CMA in their other software solutions.  Including many popular CRMs. This also makes it easier to implement Cloud CMA with other tools and services your brokerage may provide.

Blended data is better data.

MLS data, by itself, rarely tell the whole story.  Cloud CMA integrates content from top websites and blends that information with MLS data to give clients the full spectrum of information about the property and area surrounding it.  Our partners include:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Zillow
  • Great Schools
  • Down Payment Resource
  • Mapbox
  • Real Satisfied
  • Zillow Agent Reviews
  • Testimonial Tree

We also have 40 pages of professionally written content, by noted industry writer Blanche Evans, that helps agents overcome many seller or buyer objections.  Agents have full control over which information is included in each report.

Design is not just about how something looks, but how it works.

Our motto at W+R Studios is creating “hand-crafted” software.  We take great care in the look and feel of our software.  The same care and attention are focused on all presentation materials, whether on a printed page, computer, or tablet screen. Our goal is simple, make real estate professionals look awesome in front of their clients.

Since Cloud CMA first started as a report generator we give a major focus to the look and feel of our printed reports.  Our printed/pdf reports have a high impact, easy to understand, magazine-quality layout.  The layout, the typeface, the content, and even the page order have all been vetted by our artists and designers.

We think this attention to detail is very obvious once you compare Cloud CMA report pages to the pages in MoxiPresent.

Since MoxiPresent started as a digital-first product, they give less attention to the look and feel or their printed reports.

See a sample Cloud CMA report here.  Keep in mind these reports can be customized to a brokerage.

Printed reports are still a huge part of real estate and they are super important.  Here are a few benefits:

– Highlights your company branding and custom content
– Printed reports make a great first impression
– Helps agents stand out from other agents just using MLS printouts
– Perfect for non-tech savvy clients who prefer something they can touch
– Back up in case you don’t have or lose internet connection at the listing presentation
– Memorialization of time spent with clients (leave behind)

But design is not solely how something looks, but how something works.  In this area, we believe Cloud CMA also has an edge over our competition.

Virtual Comparative Market Analysis and Listing Presentations and Interactive Pages

Agents now have access to Cloud CMA Live – a truly interactive presentation experience. Using Cloud CMA Live agents can give a great listing presentation anytime and anywhere. Virtual listing presentations are a breeze with our built-in Zoom/Skype integration. Present on any device including, laptop, tablet, or stream to their client’s tv.  With the freshest data from the MLS and our “telestrator” feature, you can interact with listings like never before. Custom broker branding is also available. See it in action here.

Choosing Comps

Both Cloud CMA and MoxiPresent allow you to add and remove comps on the fly.  But, they both take a different way of finding comps.  Cloud CMA uses two different methods.

Method #1: “Exactly what you want”

In this workflow you the agent starts choosing comps from their MLS system.  As I stated the top 5 MLS Vendors have Cloud CMA integrated into their MLS systems.  You can see how your MLS system works with Cloud CMA via these videos.

Using Cloud CMA with Matrix
Using Cloud CMA with Paragon
Using Cloud CMA with FBS’ flexmls
Using Cloud CMA with Rapattoni MLS

Once the agent selects their comps they are automatically sent to Cloud CMA.

Method #2 Quick and Dirty”

We also provide a quick way to bring up comparable properties based on the criteria of the Subject Property. But just as the name implies, this is fast but requires a bit of clean up to comps you don’t want to be included in your CMA.

Cloud CMA works with your Intranet via SSO and includes a real-time Broker Dashboard that gives real-time business intelligence on all agent report activity.

Cloud CMA is compatible with popular SSO solutions, so it will work well with most intranet solutions.  Cloud CMA also offers its broker clients a real-time Broker Dashboard.  This gives brokers full access to manage and support their agents.  Including real-time stats on report creation, type, and the number of users on the platform.

We think you’ll find Cloud CMA is the best comparative market analysis solution in real estate.  Here’s a simple comparison chart:

Cloud CMA vs. MoxiPresent Comparison Chart


These are just a few areas we see as big differences between Cloud CMA and its competition. The mission of W+R Studios is to create and ship great software.

If you are comparing MoxiPresent and Cloud CMA please contact us first for a personal demo.  We are 100% confident once you see the care and quality we have put into Cloud CMA your choice will be easy.

To find out more about Cloud CMA please email us at, visit our Broker website, or call us at 855-977-8834.

Cloud CMA is a product of W+R Studios

MoxiPresent is a product of MoxiWorks


13 responses to ‘Cloud CMA vs. MoxiPresent

  1. My company is very touchy about their brand, e.g.,coloring, images etc. what are the. Mechanics in making sure that happens

  2. Gary has been a great help! I think I figured it out with the help of Gary. I am new to this so I am sure I will have more questions but the feedback and quick response has been a tremendous help.

  3. Hi Adrianna,

    We are working on creating a default format where the number of pages are not so overwhelming. It should be released very soon. Thank you for your feedback!

  4. I just signed up for this program mainly for the “What’s my home worth” link. While it is a great idea I am afraid that the size of the report is more than a client is going to want. 54-70+ pages is just too many. I want to have a reason to have my clients call me not have them run. I wish there was a way that I could customize how much info they receive.

  5. Hey Maureen! We have heard that question before and it is definitely something that we are working on! Thanks for the suggestion! You are full of great ideas 🙂

  6. HI, Do you think we will ever be able to change the picture on the landing page for the What’s my Home worth page? It does not look like anything in my area. Thanks for the information!

  7. The issue I have with Cloud cma is that you cannot set search defaults. For example, % of subject square footage (why would I want to compare a small house the one 3x the size) status, Active, Pending and sold only (I do not want to see expired and withdrans)
    Sort should be Desending so
    Active, PS, sold show in that order. Being able to set a map search also.
    What’s my homes worth is a great idea, but the results that the client sees, not greathe or accurate because of the reasons stated above.

  8. “We recently introduced a “What’s My Home Worth Button” that can be added to any website or blog. By clicking this button and following the instructions a fully branded and personalized Cloud CMA report will be automatically generated and sent to the client. The agent will receive an email notification that a CMA was sent.”

    Are you just teasing us?! Where is the info about this “What’s My Home Worth Button” on your website?


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