Woman thinking with text CMAs for Generating Leads? What Kind of Sorcery is This?

CMAs for Generating Leads? What Kind of Sorcery is This?

In any profession, there’s always the typical or “traditional” way of doing things. And while tried and true tactics shouldn’t be dismissed, real estate agents who seem to always be ahead know that they need to find new and innovative ways to win more business. 

One way to become a true real estate wizard is to start leveraging the data found in a CMA report to generate leads. While a few of you may already do this, 60% of agents are not currently using CMAs to generate leads. 

But why are CMAs so great for lead gen? Because even if consumers heavily study real estate market trends each month, they do not have access to the detailed information that a CMA report provides. So as an agent, a CMA is one of your best kept assets when talking to potential sellers. 

So how can you start using CMAs to generate leads and stay ahead of your competition? Here’s our top 3 ways: 

  1. Send a mailer of recently sold homes in their area 

Most people live in their homes for a minimum of 5 years before selling. And while on average, most people won’t sell their home until they’ve lived there at least 10 years, they may start becoming interested in market activity after the 5-year mark. So why not send every homeowner who has lived in their home for more than five years a mailer with your contact information and recently sold homes in their area? Just put together a Cloud CMA report, export only the page below, attach your contact information, and send it out! Maybe they aren’t ready to sell right then, but if you do this, at least twice per year – guess who will be top of mind when they are ready to sell?!

  1. Use CMAs to generate leads online 

Connecting with the people you already know online is one of the easiest ways to generate leads. But sometimes, knowing what information to share, whether it’s on social media or your website, isn’t easy. One way to connect and generate leads is to offer your sphere the option to find out the true value of their home. Just share Cloud CMA’s “What’s My Home Worth?” landing page on your social media pages or your website, and allow people to enter their address and contact information to automatically receive a full CMA report on their home. In minutes, they will be able to see recently sold homes in their area and comparable properties to theirs. Best part? You’ll be notified right away when anyone fills out your form that you have a new lead to follow up with!  

  1. Get more leads out of your email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to get the word out about your business. You can easily create a drip-email campaign and only have to set it up once. But what should you send to your sphere via email to generate leads? Well, knowing that more than 90% of people start their home search online, how about sending them information about how far off Zestimates truly are? Using Cloud CMA’s Online Valuation Analysis page, you can instantly show just how far off Zestimates are in their area. Just create a Cloud CMA, export only the page below, and attach it to your email campaign. Also, let them know that you can easily calculate the true value of their home for them when they are ready! 

So there you have it! Three easy ways you can use your MLS data and CMAs to start generating leads and beating your competition. To make it even easier, give Cloud CMA a try for free and see how you can get more leads from social media, leverage Zestimate inaccuracies, and share recent market activity in a modern format! 

Are you using CMAs to generate leads? Let us know how you’re doing it in the comments below! 


7 responses to ‘CMAs for Generating Leads? What Kind of Sorcery is This?

  1. Hey Pat – When you use the ‘Quick and Dirty’ comp selection method we will automatically pull comps and display them on a map. From the map view you can then only select the comps in the neighborhood that you want. By default, we will choose comps sold in the past 6 months… but you can always go back further if needed. Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. Where does the lead information go after a prospect fills out the “What’s My Home Worth” questionaire?

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