Common Misconceptions about CRM Software

Common Misconceptions about CRM Software

A Customer Relationship Management system, or “CRM”, is designed to help you manage and maintain your customer data. It’s there to help you track your customer contact info and keep it up-to-date, your interactions with them, and keep you organized, better than a notebook and pen.

There’s no doubt that a CRM system is helpful, but it can’t do everything. For example, it can help you email a CMA report, but you’ll still have to make the report first. (Cloud CMA can help you with this!

Let’s take a further look at a few notions about CRM systems that you may not know. 

All CRM Systems Are Virtually The Same

You’ve probably heard of LionDesk, Salesforce, kvCORE, just to name a few. They’re all excellent programs for what they do, but not all CRM systems are created equally. There are both subtle and complex nuances to each one. They are all unique and will process your data differently from one another. Otherwise, why would there be so many?

It’s important to do your research when trying to decide which CRM system to choose for your business since not all of them are intended for the same industries or functionality. Make sure you’re looking for a CRM system that meets your business practice as close as possible, which will save you time in the long run.

CRM Systems Are Easy To Learn

When it comes to technology, it’s important to understand how it works. A lot of CRM systems will offer you guides or short videos on getting started, or offer classes or training that you can sign up for, sometimes free and sometimes for a fee. It’s worth it, especially when you’re just getting started with something new.

Training is certainly helpful – Cloud CMA offers all of these options, as well. But no matter how good the training is, change is inevitable. Technology is an ever-evolving beast, and your CRM system is no exception. It’s important to keep abreast of the changes that roll out so that you’re not left floundering when a new feature becomes available.

Having A CRM Will Increase Your Sales

A CRM system, no matter how powerful, cannot take the place of a sales rep to make you money. It can’t draw up contracts or make your marketing campaigns for you. It’s a tool for you to use, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually make money when using one.

What it can do, however, is organize your data so that you can make better judgments on where to focus your marketing efforts, based on past trends and successes or failures. You can use it to keep track of which prospects might be ready to sell or close. Your CRM system can tell you this information, but human intervention is still required to act on it.

There are other things to keep in mind concerning your CRM system, like how a CRM system isn’t purely focused on customers anymore – you can track your sales and marketing needs for your business with them, too!  

Use your CRM in tandem with Cloud CMA to pass your CMA report along to your clients or prospects, which will help you out with keeping tabs on your business.

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