Connecting Made Easy with Inman Connect Now

“The more that we (as realtors) embrace technology, the more it becomes humanizing.”

-Tommy Choi , Co-Founder of Weinberg Choi Residential and Keller Williams Chicago-Lincoln Park

Now, hear me out. I might be biased working for a technology-based company but I felt this quote from last week’s Inman Connect Now spoke volumes. For the first time in its history, Inman became a pioneer in offering the first of its kind, a fully digital conference experience with Inman Connect Now. And as a first-time attendee of an Inman event, it was inspiring to experience this first hand. 

To start, the team behind Inman put the attendee experience front and center. Each session was easy to navigate, connecting with peers was as simple as clicking a button, and you really felt you were sitting one-on-one with each speaker. So instead of being in a room of 1,000, I felt this experience was created for me. Which really ties into why I am here with you now. I wanted to share my top 5 takeaways as an Inman Connect Now attendee. 

We are in a movement, not a moment. 

A global pandemic. Protests and racial discussions are happening in and outside our homes. And it is these topics that took center stage at Inman Connect Now and to be honest – I couldn’t get enough of it. As pillars of your communities, you are the leaders, the faces, and the support that is needed even when it isn’t realized. But you might be asking ‘how do I start?’ Well, do what you do best as an agent – reach out, offer to help, listen, learn and be there for the clients and community leaders you have taken endless hours to get to know and nurture. The time is now. 

Out with ‘location, location, location‘ and in with ‘location versus lifestyle‘.

For many, the WFH (work from home) model has become a new norm over the last few months. And even with parts of our cities re-opening, this model isn’t going away. Instead, it is becoming the foreseeable future for many corporations. But what does this mean for real estate? Well, instead of the tried and true saying of ‘location, location, location,’ we know that there is going to be a potential shift in the upcoming needs of the consumer. Instead of focusing on living near their job, we will see people choosing to live in their ideal location with a focus on other factors like lifestyle, square footage (to hold more home offices), and property views since they will be home more often. 

Our consumers want curated experiences. 

You see it when you scroll through Netflix or when Amazon recommends products based on your shopping history. The idea of your experience being curated to your wants and needs is a growing desire and in this industry, we need to adapt to stay relevant. 

So how is this done? Well, it starts with your website. The age of having a very neutral friendly site to fit multiple demographics is fading. The focus will now be on how to have your site and materials create an experience that feels special. 

And while there are many tools that can help you in this journey, we know one that stands out from the rest. With Cloud Attract, you are able to create hyper-targeted landing pages that deliver the ROI you need while supplying the curated experience your client asks for. Design a targeted landing page in minutes and let your sphere of influence do the rest. 

Your best skill will always be your storytelling. 

At the end of the day, there is no one like you. As a real estate agent, you have spent years perfecting your level of service and that will never change. If anything, this new ‘normal’ is going to demand a higher level of service than before as it will be your job to help clients navigate how to handle the biggest sale or purchase of their lives. And as conversations move from physical to digital, you must practice and rework how you tell your story because we both know – it’s a good one.  

The digital age is only going to get stronger from this moment. 

And how do you tell your story when you can’t see your client face-to-face? How do you engage in your community while still practicing social distance? You build your digital footprint to make it larger than ever thanks to tools that are at your fingertips. With the power of social media, digital advertising, and real estate software tools, it’s time you find your place in this digital world because we have learned that these practices are here to stay. 

And we make staying connected with clients virtually easy with Cloud CMA Live. This truly interactive experience lets you connect with your clients in a new way. Also, with the ability to add videos to your listing presentation, you can build content that presents as if you are sitting right across from them in their living room. We had a great time demoing this feature at Inman Connect Now as a sponsor. Check out the recording here.  

So even though I could go on and on about Inman Connect Now and the quality content it provided, I take it back to my opening quote – it is our job to make technology humanized by leading by example. Let our efforts show digitally the power we have to build our communities up, support our clients, and let our talents shine. 

Psst… Also, Inman is running a special right now that gives you access to June’s Connect Now content bundled for a great price with their upcoming summer events! View more details here


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