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It’s as Easy as 1-2-3 with Cloud CMA’s new “Quick CMA” button

Here at Cloud CMA we pride ourselves in providing the most competitive real estate software tools in today’s market. We make sure you have access to creating a Cloud CMA report from virtually any place and any device. As ALWAYS, we have been busy coming up with new ideas to make your job easier. This allows you to focus more on getting clients while letting us do all the hard work for you.

Just a click away…

We’re excited to introduce our newest tool, the “Quick CMA” button. This is a new API button that you can add to your business blogs and websites. This allows your prospective home buyers and sellers to enter their property address, click QUICK CMA, and a get a complete CMA report (personalized with your information) in their inbox almost instantly! Add this button to your website or blog and then just sit back and watch as the leads come in.

API cloud cma

To find the code you’ll need to copy and paste into your website or blog, click “Settings” in the upper right hand corner, then click “API” on the black bar of options and copy the API Button script, paste into your site or blog and that’s it!

Once added to your website or blog, you’ll see a button that looks like this:

easy button

Prospective sellers and even buyers will easily know what to do when they see this button. As soon as they request a report, your contact information will appear and they’ll have everything they need to then give you a call when they’re ready to list their home.  You will also get an email notifying you of a new lead so even if you don’t hear from the prospect directly, you can reach out to them to better assist them.

What does this mean for my clients?

We are living in a time of instant information and single click results – all instant gratification all the time. People want more efficient ways to get that information. And our Quick CMA button is just one more way we’re helping you do just that for your clients. We invite you to take our Quick CMA out for a test drive to see how easy it is.

We continue to strive to bring you the most innovative tools to help you meet your professional goals!


10 responses to ‘It’s as Easy as 1-2-3 with Cloud CMA’s new “Quick CMA” button

  1. Hey Kyle – Thanks for the feedback. We are always looking to improve our products. If you do ever run into issues like this please reach out to our awesome support team. They can be reached by email: We definitely want to make sure this does not happen again!

  2. This button was absolute disaster. I did the “quick cma” using a townhouse, 3 bed/3 bath, 2,200 SF.

    It pulled 6 SOLD listings from 1,067 to 1,800 SF range (Only one in the comp range.)

    It pulled 5 expired listings and 1 cancelled listing.

    It pulled condos, townhouse, and single family.

    Most importantly, where is the “$” info they’re requesting?

    This product seriously needs work and customization . WHERE CAN WE HAVE THIS OPTION LAUREN?

  3. Hey Brandon, this is our new “Quick CMA” button where we create the CMA for you instantly with little work on your end. 🙂 You also have the option to create the CMA where you can do more customizations.

  4. Hi Kerri, when you use the Quick CMA API button for Cloud CMA, the pages and specifications of the report that will be sent to the client are based on your most recent report settings. We’re working on adding some additional customizations to this API button for future releases.

  5. When using the landing page, how can I modify what goes out to the client? Is it possible to decide what info gets sent out when they click to get the value?

  6. Hi Cindy – wow! Thank you for all the kind words, I’ll definitely pass them along. As of right now, the color is fixed for the quick API button. We can consider creating that as an option in the future releases, however. I can see how that would be a benefit. Thanks again for your sweet post, have a great Monday and a productive week!

  7. Love, love, LOVE Cloudcma. I had an individual subscription until the local MLS adopted it, and happily paid the monthly fee! I evangelized not just your product but the way you do business to any agent who would listen. Just wish you were a public company so I could buy stock:)

    Just noticed the API a while back, and now trying to figure out how to change the button color etc. Also wondering if I can “pre-set” the button somehow to pull just a specific subdivision, zip, etc. I see you’ve made it open to developers. Does that mean I need to hire one? I’m kind of tech-savvy, but have never tried something like this before.

    Thanks for the great product, and the happy, friendly attitude you all seem to do everything with.

    Cindy Allen

  8. Please cancel this free trial membership. I cannot figure
    out how to do a Cloud CMA and do not have time to learn right now. If you want to give me a month’s extension,
    perhaps I will have time to do the research. I cannot
    even open the CMA links. Sorry, Cancel or give me
    additional time. I am frustrated with all of this.
    My fault, Rosanne Busch Please respond by e-mailings.

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