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Email Marketing 101


Okay, so with all the aspects of any real estate business, why is it so important to do email marketing? Maybe you feel like email marketing is “not that personal” and you like to conduct your business differently? Well last week we attended the Marketing Sherpa Email Summit hosted by Meclabs in Las Vegas and learned a ton. Here are a few ways we feel you can apply email marketing “best practices” to your real estate business.

Email Marketing Words and What They Mean
Here are a few email marketing words that you will see come up.

  1. Open Rate – Calculated by dividing the number of people who opened your email by total number of emails sent.
  2. Click-Through Rate (CTR) – Calculated by number of people who click somewhere in your email divided by the number of people who opened your email. This generally will tell you how engaged people were in the content you sent.
  3. Spam – When someone has not “opted-in” to your emails, meaning they have not said “yes I want to receive these emails”, they are then classified as spam.
  4. Opted-In – This means that they have given you permission to email them. Not only will this ensure that you are sending emails to people who are interested in what you have to say, but it will also not count against you in your email tracking.

Where Do You Start?

  1. Choose an email send program –  New to email marketing? Programs such as Mailchimp provide tracking and design choices that are easy to use. More advanced? Programs such as Pardot or Infusionsoft provide more intensive tracking capabilities.
  2. Collect email addresses  – gather emails from past clients, current clients, and prospects and add them to your email send program.
  3. Design relevant content – create content that is relevant, general, and personal. Remember, you want all of these people to feel as though you spent time sending only them this email so the content needs to be casual and conversational. For each email, keep in mind your goal and develop content that will accomplish that goal.

Tracking Your Results 
When tracking the results of your email marketing there will be two main areas of focus: Click-through rate (CTR) and Open Rate. Since we already defined how to calculate these above, I won’t go into too much detail, but remember to keep an eye on these for each email you send out. We will go into more detail later about how to interpret what these numbers actually mean.

Remember, email marketing is always a work in progress. In the beginning your results may not be where you want them to be. As time goes on you will become smarter and more efficient in your messaging. So don’t give up!

Have any tips related to email marketing? Have any questions regarding your current strategy? Please comment below and let us know what you are doing with your email marketing!


4 responses to ‘Email Marketing 101

  1. Hi Bill – thank you for the comment! I have passed along your information to our Member Services department and they will reach out to you directly. You can always call us at 855.977.8834 if you need any help or want any additional information.

  2. Hi Kari! Thanks for your comment and great question! First, regarding Cloud CMA – it’s super easy to get started and a very intuitive platform. You can attend one of our live daily Cloud CMA webinars by visiting Now, regarding what to send to get high open and click through rates, from our personal experience – a monthly newsletter can be a good tool, highlighting relevant information for the consumer. But more importantly, instead of just sending one message to all, you’ll get the best results when you can segment your list by interest and then only send materials relevant to that group’s interest. It’s always a learning process and helps to just start somewhere, then assess the results, make a few tweaks, and try again! I hope this helps!

  3. I have as yet not used your program but it really looks good. There are so many new computer things to learn that I find it hard to keep up.
    What kind of things do you suggest to send to people on our email list that are getting a high open and click through rate?
    Thank you

  4. I have recently relocated from Ft Myers FL after 18 years in that market, and basically started all over again in the real estate marketing efforts. I have recently joined with a local company with approximately 105 Realtors. They are all experienced agents and many of them market homes above 2,000,000 in great areas of the city.
    I will need something like Cloud CMA to get the attention of both sellers as well as buyers, and to do a better job in order to be competitive. I believe your system will be something I can depend upon to get back on track in a new area such as Huntsville and Madison AL. I have started social media with Face Book and LinkedIn. My goal as always is to offer Real Estate services with the utmost of Integrity and loyalty to all clients and customers.
    I look forward to working with your program and believe it will be a great advantage in my Real Estate efforts.

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