How To: Facebook Retargeting for Real Estate
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How To: Facebook Retargeting for Real Estate

Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes online and had them (literally) follow you on Facebook and every other website you visit? If so, then you have experienced retargeting.

Retargeting is when you visit a website, decide to leave, and then see ads across other websites on the internet for that particular website or product.

In the past few years retargeting has become increasingly popular for businesses, and for good reason! People who visit your website and are then retargeted with ads are 70% more likely to convert.

So how can a savvy real estate agent like yourself take advantage of this highly effective marketing tactic and turn it into more leads and sales?

Run a Facebook retargeting campaign with Cloud Attract.

Basically, you’ll drive traffic to your landing page from Facebook, they’ll identify who visited your page at least once, and then your retargeting campaign will try to get them back to the page. This gives your site visitors a second opportunity to engage with you.

Here’s how:

Before getting started you’ll need a few things first:

  • A Facebook Ad Manager account
  • Your Facebook pixel set up

    How to set up your Facebook Pixel.

Once you have your Facebook Ad account and pixel set up, you are ready to get started.  

Follow these 5 steps:

(takes about 20 minutes to complete)

  1. Create a Cloud Attract landing page.
    Make sure you create a landing page that specifically targets a geographical area, for example Huntington Beach, CA.   
  2. Set up your Facebook Pixel to track landing page visitors.
    In order to track landing page visitors you get from Facebook you’ll need to insert your Pixel Id into your Cloud Attract landing page. Go to the Pixels tab in your Facebook Ad Manager Account and grab the numerical Pixel Id. Next, go back to your Cloud Attract landing page and go to “Advanced Settings” to insert your Facebook Pixel Id.

    How to place your Facebook Pixel in your Cloud Attract landing pages for retargeting.

  3. Set up a Facebook Audience so you can retarget them.
    With the pixel saved to your landing page, Facebook allows you to capture anyone who visits your page and save them as a custom “Audience”. In Facebook Ads Manager go to the Audiences tab and and select “Create Audience”. Create a “Custom Audience” from your “website visitors”. Next, you’ll want to customize who you are capturing so that people who DO fill out your form will be excluded from this audience – we only want to retarget people who abandon your page. When you get to the screen titled, “Create a Custom Audience” make sure the settings match those of the image below:

    How to create a custom audience in Facebook to target people who saw your Cloud Attract landing page but didn’t fill it out.

  4. Drive initial traffic to your Cloud Attract landing page
    Since you can’t REtarget someone you’ve never targeted before, this step is all about getting initial traffic to your landing so you can build a list of people to retarget. So, you need to share your Cloud Attract landing page on Facebook. You can choose to share with the people you are already friends with, or take it a step further and run a Facebook Ad to get a wider audience to see your landing page. The people who click to view your landing page but do not fill out their information are automatically added to the custom audience you set up in Step #3.
  5. Run your retargeting campaign.
    Once your “Custom Audience” has at least 20 people, you can start retargeting them! Create a new Facebook Ad utilizing your new custom audience of people who already viewed your Cloud Attract landing page.

    Use your saved audience to run an Ad on Facebook to retarget leads that didn’t convert.

    Remember! These people have already seen your landing page once, so use different messaging than you did on the post that go them to your site in the first place.

Retargeting is a huge opportunity for real estate agents to capture people who are “just looking” and turn them into quantifiable leads! And since Cloud Attract is the new and easy way to generate your own leads, simply follow the steps above to start retargeting leads in Facebook.

Still have more questions about retargeting or Cloud Attract? Let us know in the comments below!


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