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Fact or Fiction? Direct Mail Still Works in the 21st Century

What if I told you there was a way of marketing your brand that provides a 100% connection with clients? Before you start laughing at me and telling me there’s no such solution, hear me out…

Our friends over at Modern Postcard have found the solution and it’s easier than you think. 

Direct Mail. 

Yep, the good old fashioned postcard you find when sorting through your mail each day. 

Even though we’ve entered the digital age, we can’t forget some of the tried and true marketing strategies that have proven results. 

I recently attended Modern Postcard’s Direct Mail Crash Course and got so much out of it, I wanted to share my takeaways.

Here are 5 ways that you can use direct mail to connect with leads and clients: 

1. Expand your prospecting list. Work with a service provider (like Modern Postcard) to curate a list for your ideal clientele. They help you by creating your list of criteria for your perfect audience, setting a budget, and can even create your design. You won’t regret it because Modern Postcard credits the quality of your list to be the number one determining factor for your mailer’s success.   

Don’t want to work with an outside company? We get it. Then look to your favorite industry magazine. It’s a fact that magazines generate more revenue by selling their mailing lists than they do their ads. They take the time to really curate their lists with correct/accurate information so use it to your advantage! 

2. Convert your email lists to postal and vice versa. Now this one surprised me. Having five years in the marketing field, I had no idea that an email list could be created into mailing lists and vice versa. So why not combine the two? A great campaign could be to send a direct mail piece to a physical mailing address list and then follow up with an email a week or so later. The professional and personal touch might be just what a consumer in your area is looking for. 

3. Let your graphics land the deal. In a world of email, we know how limiting images and graphics can be. Well, I have some good news – direct mailers are driven by images versus the copy you are creating for it. If you are trying a direct mailer for the first time, push yourself to think outside of the box when it comes to the image that will grab attention. Remember, your logo and headshot shouldn’t be the focal point. Let the dramatics and creative tagline be the difference between your mailer staying on the kitchen table vs. being thrown into the recycle bin. 

We can’t help but share a great example from Modern Postcard: 

They have some great mailer layouts you can use to really let the graphic shine. 

4. Automatically account for address changes. Did you know that 20% of the population moves every year? That means any list you buy or create through a service provider needs to be updated often. Seems like a lot of work though, right? Well, meet NCOALink. This electronically provided service by Modern Postcard matches your list(s) to Change of Address filings with the Postal Service. Utilizing this service can keep your list up to date and drive the best results because even if someone moved recently, that doesn’t mean they won’t need your services in the future. 

5. Your website should be as good or better than your top salesman. Really think about this the next time you are evaluating your website – does it promote you as good as you do in person? Is it really driving revenue or is it helping build your brand? If it isn’t helping make you money, utilizing a direct mailer that highlights your phone number could be a better lead gen approach than promoting your website.

There is still a ton of information to learn in Modern’s Postcard’s course so we encourage you to attend one like we did. In the meantime, we want to hear from you! Do you or someone you know already use direct mail in their business? What success stories do you have to share?


8 responses to ‘Fact or Fiction? Direct Mail Still Works in the 21st Century

  1. Hi Keith! We do recommend you reach out to Modern Postcard to see if they align with what you need. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the insight..i am attempting to stand up a mail campaign. I have been putting a list together but need a GREAT partner for printing and Mailing ..PLEASE give me a lead

  3. Hi Ammar! Thanks for reaching out. When it comes to graphic design, it really comes down to personal preference. Factor in time, programs you need, and skillset when thinking about you designing your piece vs. hiring a professional. Good luck!

  4. Hi Kris! We are glad you enjoyed it. We love a good eye-catching mailer too! Hopefully, you got a few good tips from it too.

  5. Hi Nathan – we are glad you enjoyed it! We thought that was a great idea too. Hope it works for you!

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