Get the Cloud Agent Suite FREE Until 2018

Get the Cloud Agent Suite FREE Until 2018

At W+R Studios we believe real estate agents deserve better tools, which is why we created the Cloud Agent Suite – to give you the best tools in real estate and help you look awesome in front of your clients. So what better way to close out 2017 than to offer the Cloud Agent Suite FREE until 2018? That’s right. From now until the end of the year, you can get the entire Cloud Agent Suite free of charge.

Unfamiliar with the suite? Let’s get you acquainted:

Cloud CMA – Presentations That Sell
Cloud CMA is the easy way to create amazing reports that help you write more offers and win more listings. Reports are branded to you with big beautiful photos that your clients deserve. Every Cloud CMA account also comes with a free “What’s My Home Worth” landing page to help you generate more seller leads.
Get Cloud CMA

Cloud Streams – Be The First To Know
Cloud Streams gives your buyers the fastest listing notifications in the industry – faster than Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, and even your MLS. In today’s society, 98% of text messages are read within five minutes of receiving them. Cloud Streams takes listing alerts to the next level by texting your clients the newest listings right when they hit the MLS. Your clients will never miss another listing again.
Get Cloud Streams

Cloud MLX – Surf Your MLS
Cloud MLX is the Inman News award winning, simple and powerful MLS interface you’ve been waiting for. With a smart search bar and a few keystrokes, you can find the right listings faster than ever. With Cloud MLX you can create a CMA report, or set up a Cloud Streams listing alert, all from one place.
Get Cloud MLX

Cloud Attract – Generate Your Own Leads
Attract buyers and sellers with beautiful landing pages that automatically respond with a home valuation, CMA, or listing alerts. Finally, stop paying thousands of dollars to the portals for low quality leads and generate your own leads! Just share your landing pages on Facebook or add it to your website and instantly start generating leads.
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27 responses to ‘Get the Cloud Agent Suite FREE Until 2018

  1. Hey Gayle, please reach out to our team at (855) 977-8834 for more information on pricing. Thanks!

  2. Hey Stephen, sorry to hear you have this experience with our products. If you’re experiencing bugs you could always reach out to and we can try to help troubleshoot your issues. Reporting bugs also helps us improve our products and allows us to give agents the best experience with our products.

  3. Honestly after reading a few of the comments I am no longer interested in attending tomorrows free webinar. At a price point of $140.00 per month and there are bugs and issues of things not working it is not worth it. List Reports does an amazing job for free and the home valuation landing pages are nothing but a joke, inaccurate and make Realtors look like fools (terrible customer experience). As for the texting functionality you can accomplish the same thing with MightyText (sorry for Android only users). BTW I do not earn incentives or commissions for the companies I recommend, it’s just the ones who seem to get it right.

  4. Hey Dino, so sorry to hear that you have had this type of experience with Cloud CMA. I will have someone from our team contact you directly so we can sort out any issues you may be having. Thank you for sharing.

  5. The cloud CMA is loaded with problems. Does not give an accurate CMA. I have written to your company about it with no response for over 6 months.

    I have not seen a CMA that works well without tweaking it. I am better off doing the selection of homes myself.

    If you can do it better, then i would consider it.

  6. I tried to contact you by phone but no luck…Please contact me at your earliest convenience at 843-442-2219.

  7. Hi Deborah, as long as you register through the buttons on the post you’ll get the rest of 2017 free.

  8. Hi Deborah, click the buttons below the product descriptions in the blog and proceed to sign up.

  9. I already get the CloudCMA through my Brokerage. But would love the Cloud Attract and the others (Cloud MLX, Cloud Streams). Can I get those for free for the 2018 year?

  10. Hi Joe, unfortunately this offer is for new customers only. Give our sales department a ring at 855-977-8834 ext:1 as you may qualify for bundle pricing.

  11. I have already been paying for it! Listing 2 Leads offers very similar landing pages for a fraction of the cost, however it does not deliver the report automatically to the consumer looking for the home value report. I don’t discount that it’s a great tool but the price is still high! I have considering cutting a few things back and frankly for cost purposes this was in the top 5 things. Since I have been a paid user can I get until Dec 31st free as well? Or let me guess it’s for new users only?!? Ha. This would require me to cancel and loose everything to get the 2 month savings of $290ish dollars.

  12. Hi Joe, Cloud MLX isn’t available in all areas, but we are constantly adding it to new territories all the time. Keep in touch with us and we’ll let you know when Cloud MLX goes live.

  13. Hi Joe, while Cloud Attract is one of our more higher priced products, we believe it’s a great tool to help agents generate their own leads. Within minutes, an agent can set up their own branded landing page and start driving traffic to that page immediately. We host weekly webinars to give you a better overview of Cloud Attract at Give it a shot for the rest of the year and see how many leads you can generate!

  14. I agree this is all very confusing and slightly misleading considering not all areas are covered by Cloud MLX.

  15. Hi Anna, click the buttons below the product description to get started with your free trials through the rest of 2017.

  16. Hi Joe, you can register through the buttons on the blog post or contact sales at 855-977-8834 ext:1.

  17. Good luck trying to get anyone on the phone who know what’s going on sales did’t know about the NAR promo that I was in the magazine yesterday and customer service does not know about the promo above.

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