Getting the most from Cloud CMA’s “What’s My Home Worth?” lead generating landing pages.
Lead Generation

Getting the most from Cloud CMA’s “What’s My Home Worth?” lead generating landing pages.

We’ve redesigned Cloud CMA to make it easier to generate leads via your agent website/blog or social media.

The “API” tab has been renamed “Lead Gen” and has a brand new look!

So, now it’s even easier to promote your lead generating “What’s My Home Worth?” landing pages. We’ve created a bunch of new videos to help you get up and running. Here are just few of the titles:

– Generating leads from your email signature line.

– Generating leads via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

– Adding a “What’s My Home Worth?” button to your WordPress website/blog.

To see these new features and video tutorials just click on the “Settings” link. Then click on the new “Lead Gen” tab. You will be on your way to generating new leads in no time!

New Lead Gen Tab


73 responses to ‘Getting the most from Cloud CMA’s “What’s My Home Worth?” lead generating landing pages.

  1. Hey Deborah – My sincerest apologies that you are experiencing this.. I took an initial look into your account and did not see the same thing from our end… Can you please give us a call directly so we can get this resolved ASAP? (855) 977-8834

  2. BEWARE! On 1/19/2017 I signed up for the 30 day free trial of Cloud Attract. I cancelled it on 2/7/2017. I have confirmation emails. They charged my credit card on 2/18/17 anyway. I complained, They said they are “looking into it”. They charged my credit cards AGAIN on 3/18/2017.
    I never even used the landing page. This is totally unacceptable!

  3. Hey Jason, Thanks for your feedback.. At this time we plan to keep the “What’s My Home Worth” landing page as is… any new feature requests will be added to Cloud Attract which is essentially a Pro version..With Cloud Attract you can not only change the background photo but also change fonts and brand colors. You can also decide what information you want to capture from leads and gain stats on how your landing pages are performing. Also you can choose to target sellers by sending them a Cloud CMA or target buyers by offering them listing alerts with Cloud Streams.

    However, if you are interested in getting more out of what you currently have – check out this blog post 🙂

  4. Lauren, I appreciate the follow up.

    I feel the “What is My Home Worth” landing page is the most valuable component of the Cloud CMA product, except that I cannot get it to convert as is.

    My Board has a (fee-based, I assume) agreement with CloudCMA to provide the tool to us, but as I’ve shared, I can’t really take advantage of it as is. I don’t think paying an additional $1500/year to change the background photo is reasonable.

    Please let me know what alternatives may be available to take advantage of the service to which we already subscribe. I know this item has been on your feature request list for more than 2 years.


  5. Hey Jason, we definitely have heard that being able to change the background photo on your “What’s My Home Worth” landing page is very important to our customers. Through all the feedback we received we decided to create a new product, called Cloud Attract, so we could accommodate all of the customization requests. With Cloud Attract you can easily design your own landing page to entice buyers and sellers! It’s completely free to try for 30 days – – Give it a try and let us know what you think!

  6. Hey Eric,

    If you are interested in bringing more customization to your “What’s My Home Worth” landing page, I would check out our newest product – Cloud Attract. With Cloud Attract you can upload your own background photo and personalize the page while keeping the ability to automatically send out CMA reports to your leads. Check it out and let us know what you think!

  7. Really clamoring for this feature in Chicago. 500 hits on my “what’s my home worth?” lead gen page and 3 people actually put in their address and email address to get the free report.

    The image looks nothing like a Chicago home and is a turn-off to prospective leads.

  8. I am trying to create a page on my website with a background of my choice and the “get a free personalize report” box where visitors can enter their address without having to first click on the “what’s my home worth button” first. This is to avoid creating unnecessary step and take prospects directly to the box where they can input their address. How do I do this?

    PS: I dont want to frame the could cma generated URL as I want to be able to choose a background image of my choosing

  9. I agree with Joi. Even if the photo cant be customized, which it should easily be able to be changed, at least have a professional looking photo of a house with a really nice landscape. Also have a photo of a condo building if you are targeting a condo neighborhood.


  10. have a question . I see the source is Ntreis ( our Board) and then says provided by zillow . so is this part of zillow . How do we know other agents wont be given the leads as this How much is your home worth comes part of our services for ntreis, . But the comp says provided by ntreis.

  11. Lauren Dennard,
    Are you really working so I can change the landing page photo?
    I am overly grateful.
    How soon do you think this feature will be available?
    I have been actively looking for someone to hire that knows RESTful and can understand your Developers page. I’d rather not pay someone if this feature is coming soon.

  12. Hey Joi – thanks for the feedback! We are working on a solution so that you can easily change the photo on the landing page – so stay tuned! 🙂

  13. Hi Angela, you can find your link to your ‘what’s my home worth’ landing page under Settings -> Lead Gen -> Here’s a link to your “What’s my home worth?” website. Just copy that link and paste into any web-browser and your landing page should appear. If this still doesn’t work – feel free to contact our support department at or call us at 855.977.8834.

  14. I am so lost. I have been trying to generate a landing page for “what’s my home worth”. Aside from the social media post, I cannot seem to figure out how to create the actual landing page. I have a site hosted by Zillow and I would like to add a landing page to that sight and then I can point to that page in other places. I just need to get this landing page up. HELP!

  15. Hi Shawn, that’s so great to hear that you’re getting leads with Cloud CMA’s What’s My Home Worth Landing Page! Congrats! Unfortunately at this time there are no CRM integrations but we have gotten the request before so it might be something to come in future product releases. Stay tuned for updates!

  16. Can you feed your leads into a CRM? I have generated great leads using the CMA lead gen but would love to feed these into my CRM automatically.

  17. Thank you. I did speak on the phone with support a wee bit ago and was redirected to my board who has redirected me back to you guys. So, not quite hopeful this will be fixed by anyone.

  18. Hey Claude – that definitely should not be happening! I have passed along your information to our support team as they will be able to help you better! You can also reach them at:

  19. I think that would be a fair compromise. I, personally, do not like to offer something that isn’t going to be given. The link makes the consumer assume that the initial emailed report that they will receive will actually give the value, and it doesn’t.

    Maybe if it is kept the same way, and the report gets sent along with an email asking for the condition of the home, what upgrades it has etc…so that a more precise value can be sent. But that would require them to be able to reply to the email. Most consumers are either too lazy or too stupid to pay attention to a “press here to send me an email. Do not hit reply.”

  20. Very thoughtful comments Bobbie, thank you. We struggled a bit with the exact issue you mention. Our view was that the report given was a starting point, and the client was going to get a full report, with a valuation, in the end. So we felt comfortable with the “What’s My Home Worth?” call to action. We also feel that “What’s My Home Worth?” call to action would generate more clicks (and therefore more leads) than just “Free Market Report”. Maybe giving agents the ability to modify the call to action might be a good compromise. What do you think?

  21. Hi,

    I am going to reiterate others statements. I understand not wanting to give a “Zestimate” which may be a far off value, that makes sense to me. What doesn’t make sense is that it states “What’s my home worth?” and “How much is your home worth in today’s market?” and never answers the question in the report.

    If I was a consumer that pressed a link to find out what my home was worth, I actually would expect to find that out. I don’t expect to get an email with a report attached that doesn’t answer that, explaining that another more detailed report will follow.

    Maybe the link should state something else along with the website. Maybe it should offer a market report, not a home value report, because in essence they are receiving a market report.

  22. Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment. Regarding #1, the search is by proximity only so if there are neighboring condos or townhomes near the subject property, those sometimes can be included. It’s a quick CMA report – pulled by proximity only. #2 – that’s a common request that we’ve gotten since the launch of this feature so it’s something we are working towards, but at the moment, unfortunately, no – the photo cannot be changed. Thanks again for your comment! Glad you’re loving this feature!

  23. I am testing the system. Couple questions…

    1. When I put in my address it pulls good comps in my neighborhood but also is pulling condos and townhomes which are not comps at all ($300K) difference in price.

    2. I do not find the photo on the landing page attractive nor does it match my branding style. Can I change it?

    Other than that I LOVE it!

  24. I second Bob’s suggestion (and other’s above) regarding a customized background image to the landing page. Homes in my area look nothing like your stock image and may be a disconnecting point with users on the site.

  25. Hi Bob – wow! Great suggestions. Thank you for the comment, I’ll definitely pass those along to our product team.

  26. To add onto others comments, these are the features I feel would make the service even better..

    1) The ability to customize the background image, either by uploading a new one or point to a hosted image on another server.
    2) Rather than spoof our email address, just change the display name, such as “Agent Name “. Then, set the reply-to attribute to the agent email address.
    3) Allow for customizing the email subject line, body and signature.
    4) I tried changing the value of the “source_url” parameter in my landing page link thinking I could use that to track if I have multiple domain names pointed to this landing page. Would be nice to include that value in the “new lead” email so I knew where that lead came from if it was different from the default value.
    5) In my tests, about 30% of the time, the CMA failed to create and said try again in a few minutes. I don’t think customers should have to wait for the CMA to be created or try again if there’s an issue. The information should be queued on the backend, processed and then emailed to the customer when complete.
    6) It would also be great if there was integration available with CRM’s so the user’s information could be automatically loaded to our database for follow-up.


  27. Wish we could customize the background of the landing page. Afterall, homes in Florida would not be the same as those in California or even Santa Monica…

  28. Hi Leigh, as of right now, we do not have a method for A/B testing our “What’s my home worth” landing pages – however – that’s a great idea!

  29. Is it possible to require a prospect/user that lands on my “What’s My Home Worth” landing page to enter a phone number AND email address? I have received some leads by running adds for this, but nobody has included a phone so that I could call and follow up right away. I would like to kind of A/B test with requiring a phone number and not requiring a phone number, is there a setting somewhere that I can do that with?

  30. So, is there a way to have a suggested list price included in the auto generated report sent out to a prospect that clicked on a link for a “What’s My Home Worth” link? Especially so it could be an add for an Instant Home Value Report” ?

  31. I just tried doing this and got a blank page when I clicked on the link. Love the concept and idea. Also, I am okay if the value isn’t given as I would prefer to do that, but the blank page is not a good thing. Also is it possible to customize the landing page?

  32. Thanks Bruce! That is a great suggestion. We actually have already been re-working this copy and will be making changes soon. 🙂

  33. This is what I got:

    Hi Lead,

    Thanks for requesting a quick CMA – here it is!

    Click the link below to view the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report, specific to your home. I think you’ll find the market activity and extra neighborhood information interesting:


    Since every home (and market) is different, I will follow up with you shortly so we can look at this information in more detail. Feel free to contact me sooner if you have any questions. I can be reached at the contact info listed below:


    Hi Lead,

    Click the link below to see all recent sales activity in your area. I think you’ll find the market activity and extra neighborhood information interesting:


    This report shows all sales of all property types in your area which provides a good overview of your real estate market. Since every home is different, I will follow up with you shortly to highlight the home sales which are most like yours which would be the basis of a value range for your home. As I know more about your home’s features, I’ll be better able to calculate you more accurate home valuation. Feel free to contact me sooner if you have any questions. I can be reached at the contact info listed below:

  34. Bruce,

    If you read the copy on the email we send to the client (along with a link to the report) it does try and explain the nature of the report. Do you think that copy could be improved?


  35. Thanks Greg – you’re so right about Zillow. Funny.

    I just did another test, and I don’t believe #2 rentals are included in my reports (MRIS is my MLS). On #1, I’m guessing that you would have to get the property type from tax records, and then figure out which MLS property types correspond to the tax property type. In my area, these are not identified the same way. I can imagine how this could be difficult to map. I do think it’s important, however. My credibility as an agent goes down if a homeowner requests a home value for his townhome, and I send him a report with single family homes, townhomes, and condos. I know this report should start a conversation, but he may already think I’m incompetent by sending properties that aren’t already close.

    Having said that (thinking while typing), perhaps my cover page could address this upfront: “this report shows all sales of all property types in your area some of which aren’t like your home …. blah, blah… I’ll followup with more info….”.

  36. Bruce,

    Thanks for the great comments. I’m surprised how many Realtors absolutely hate Zestimates, because how far off they can be, but expect us to come up with our own guess. We’ve been looking at providing some sort of range page. But isn’t a 20 page report with MLS data a good conversation starter already?

    #1 & #2: From what I understand this is up to how the MLS system configures their database. I’ll check more in to this and get back to you.

    #3 Unfortunately most tax data companies have a readily available API (the way software programs talk to each other) for us to access their data. We are working with a few providers on making this happen.

    I’m not sure we can make a computer understand what you consider the “best” comps.

    I’ve seen an iFrame work, you can also have your website developer check out our API page at

  37. Great tool. I would echo a few of the comments.

    I wouldn’t expect – or want – for it to give the user a home value. Perhaps a value range. The singular goal would be to start a conversation with the seller.

    Right now I’m reluctant to promote this given that the quality of the comparable homes provided is very poor since location is the only criteria. It would be a lot better if the report showed:
    #1 – only the same property type as a comparable (so if the lead has a townhome, show only townhome sales, etc)
    #2 – completely exclude rentals (I didn’t see these on my couple of tests)
    #3 – If you have access to tax records for square footage, exclude properties that are significantly larger/smaller. Of course, this is a function of having good data to do this… so not sure if this would make sense.

    Another idea – put the *best* comparables at the top of list, maybe give these a “star” or something. I do this manually now. I’ll provide a number of comparables, then I’ll select those that have a similar age, style, sq footage as the *best* comparables.

    Also – what’s the best way to put this on an existing wordpress site without clicking off to the dedicated CMA page? I haven’t tried an iframe…. any suggestions?

  38. I get that this is not intended to be an in depth analysis of the market and their home, I just feel that lumping rentals in with the sales makes us look less than brilliant

  39. Hi John – sorry about that email issue, we have fixed it! Thanks for letting us know too. And we LOVE the way you’re using the “What’s my home worth?” Landing page! That’s fantastic 🙂

  40. Exactly. This is a FREE LEAD GENERATING TOOL, that gives the user something instantly; especially if the agent isn’t available right away to perform a custom CMA. I don’t want it to give away everything in the first step. I enter all the leads generated from this into a custom mailchimp campaign. The first email tells them I’ll be following up shortly with a more detailed analysis and an offer to meet with them to discuss. Follow-up emails always give something of value (E-Book, Etc.). If they give me a phone #, I call immediately. Yes, there are some valid suggestions here, but I’m really happy to have it flaws and all.

    BTW, still need to fix the comments posting function if you want to allow follow-up comments. I’m running out of different email addresses…

  41. Mark,

    I understand what you are saying. All the data sugest that consumers want something “instantly”. All the messaging we send the consumer on your behalf says this is a quick report and that a real estate professional will contact you shortly.

    We never wanted to think of this as the final report a consumer ever gets, but the start of a conversation.

  42. Love the look of the reports now that I can set up a saved report, but the inclusions of rentals makes the analysis difficult for consumers to understand and skews the averages. They are looking for some summary of the value of their home based on data and not just a “Zestimate”

  43. If we’re going to advertise “Find out what your home is worth” we need to be able to deliver that to the prospect. Web visitors want one thing and one thing only: that which is advertised, and they want it now, not later today, not tomorrow, not when an agent gets around to it. Therefore, the agent should at least be able to set a default that either includes a price estimate or not.

  44. Does Zillow have access to the CMA’s that we might send out? They are your partner and they are always trying to get access to our solds. This would be very good info to have on their part.

  45. Until the leases can be filtered out I will not use.
    That is a fundamental problem that needs fixing.

  46. Seb is right on the money. They are led to believe they will get their home value and they of course don’t. You are also picking up lots and commercial. Need to find a way to select residential.

    Would also be nice if first page were branded at the top.

  47. Alex,

    From what I understand Facebook would rather you post on a Facebook business page, not your personal Facebook page. It’s not our policy, its Facebook.

  48. Jennifer,

    Thanks for reaching out. I’ll have a support person contact you directly. Seems like something is not setup correctly.

  49. Van,

    Thanks for the feedback. Currently the only search criteria in these reports is proximity to the subject property. We are looking at different ways of excluding leases.

  50. Hi Greg,

    There is a way of what pages and format you want to be delivered to your these web leads. Contact support to find out how.

  51. Hi Seb, Thanks for the feedback!

    1. Good feedback. Right now the report will be generated whether or not the client stays on the page. I’ll look in to maybe tweaking the copy.

    2. There is a way of choosing what pages and format are sent to web leads. We will be making a short video on how to do this, you can also contact support to find out how now. UPDATE: Check out this link:

    3. This is a feature that is not under consideration at this time. We feel the agent is best suited to give this value. Not a Zestimate or any other algorithm.
    4. Yeah, I agree. That’s a technical challenge. We don’t want to spoof agents accounts.

  52. Thanks for the speedy reply, Frances! I can’t imagine any MLS wanting to eliminate this feature because it is very powerful. This is one of the best free tools provided for agents by anybody! Agents must realize that this only creates a quick CMA – The key to making this work is follow-up once you’re notified of the lead.

    BTW, there is a problem with the comments function here on your blog. I had to make this post with a different email address because your system throws me out saying “This email is already in our system”.

  53. This is OK but needs to be improved several ways:

    1) The visitor shouldn’t have to wait around for the report to process. They should just be told “thanks, check your email in a few minutes, you will have the report there.”

    2) There should be a setting in my profile for which CMA gets sent to them

    3) It should actually give them a value of their home in the report. There should be preferences set in my profile which says how the value should be calculated.

    4) The email should come from my own email address so they CAN hit reply. Many people won’t read “do not reply to this email” and will hit reply anyway.

  54. I just took a cloud cma class at CTAR and the cma system was down for most of the class (4-23-15). Then I posted the what is my home worth link and it didn’t work at all…just sent a blank cma…no home specifics. Tried a few timeS and got so much negative feedback about it I looked like an ass. Not great for lead generation is say !

  55. I posted the link to my FB Page and tried to Boost and got the following message: Your post can’t be boosted because it violates Facebook’s Ad Guidelines by containing audio or animation that plays automatically.

    In FB Prohibited Content, it further describes why: “Audio or flash animation that plays automatically without a person’s interaction or expands within Facebook after someone clicks on the ad.”

    It would be nice if this could be corrected!

  56. Very nice. I like the report. However it is bringing in leases as well as sales. This can greatly effect the average prices. This needs to be changed. Clients are going to think I did not know enough to omit the leases.

  57. I think this is a great idea, but since we can’t choose which CMA goes out automatically we can’t use the feature. Bummer! Good idea though.

  58. Hi John, that’s great you’re seeing success with the “What’s my home worth” landing page! We love hearing customer success stories. As far as I know, the page is not going anywhere – however, we do work closely with the MLSs and can accommodate special requests if there’s a feature they no longer want. I hope this helps – let me know if you have anymore questions!

  59. I was told by CRMLS that the API feature is going away. Yet I consistently see it being promoted by W&R Studios. I have used this tool with great success, but have been afraid to continue paying for advertising to my page if, in fact, the service will no longer be available. I’d sure love some clarification here!

  60. The landing page looks great, but not being able to have a default cma that goes out makes this feature useless for me

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