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Go the Extra Mile for Your Clients with Curated Streams

Cloud Streams was designed to give you, the agent, an easy way to share new listings with your clients as soon as they hit the market. And since getting to new listings first is so important, we prioritized sending the fastest listing alerts in the industry so that you can provide the very best service to your clients. In fact, alerts sent via Cloud Streams have proven to be the fastest in the industry — faster than Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and even your MLS!

Historically, streams have always been sent out automatically — in real time, daily, weekly, or monthly. And while this worked for many of you, there were many requests to be able to see the homes before sending them to your clients. Which is why we’re excited to share our newest Cloud Streams feature…

Introducing, Curated Streams 

With Curated Streams, you receive new listings first before sending them to a client. Then, in the listing details page, you can recommend a specific listing and even leave a comment for your client. It’s a very simple and seamless process. And the best part is, it makes you look that much more attentive and privy to your client’s needs. Now, not only are your clients receiving the fastest listing alerts in the industry, they also have a customized stream based on their criteria and your curation. Congratulations, you are now their real estate hero.

Check out the video below to watch our Chief Design Officer, Damien Huze, give a quick tutorial on how to set up a Curated Stream.

Curated Streams helps you go the extra mile for your client. It allows you to create a recommended stream, specific to your client’s needs, with the ability to send some words of positivity along the way. And we believe the value of that to your client is immeasurable. 

Give Curated Streams a try. And if you don’t have Cloud Streams yet, try it for free today!


6 responses to ‘Go the Extra Mile for Your Clients with Curated Streams

  1. Hi Maya,

    These are all great suggestions! I will forward them to our project manager and get back to you.

  2. It would be nice to be able to recommend more than one listing in a single email instead of sending them one at a time.

    I also is there a way for the properties marked hidden to be placed/moved to the end of the list?

    When I click on a home. Go to that properties page. Then try to click the back button, it goes to the 1st page even if I found the home on the 3rd page. It should go back to the last page I was on.

  3. Hi Ryan,

    While Cloud Streams isn’t available in Vancouver, we are always working on expanding to new markets. FYI, it always helps when agents bring it to the attention of their board as well 😉 We will let you know if/when this service becomes available to you. Thanks for your interests!

  4. Hi Israel,

    That makes sense! We do have integrations with other CRM tools, but at this time are not integrated with Prospects CRM. We do understand the value of keeping things in one place though and are working to expand our integrations!

  5. This is a good added feature, however, It would be much better if there was a way to integrate cloud streams into those already using a CRM like Prospects CRM that is tied to the MLS Touch mobile app (all integrated with our CRMLS). As agents, the less we have to be switching between apps and services the better. In a nutshell, we need one central hub that tracks all our interactions with our clients in order to have a complete overview of the relationship, we need services to tie into our CRM’s.

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