“Hey Siri, make me a CMA.” (video)

Having some fun here at W&R Studios the day before Thanksgiving. Recently both Dan and I got the new iPhone 4S. We’ve been playing with Siri, the

voice controlled assistant. Then Dan got an idea. Since you can create any report in Cloud CMA by just sending an email, and since Siri can send emails; Could you tell Siri to make you a CMA? See the video below for the answer! Notes: On your iPhone 4S: Create a new Contact – first name “Cloud”, last name “CMA”, email “”. Siri can’t understand the word “CMA” too well, so scroll down to the bottom of the contact, choose “add field”, “Phonetic last name”, and enter “See Em A”. Save the contact by clicking “Done”. Start Siri by holding down the bottom button on your phone. Say “Email Cloud CMA”. For the subject, say “Quick report” or something similar. For the message, say the address of the property. Review the message on the screen, make any necessary edits, and say “Yes” to send. Wait a minute or two for the magic to happen. Make sure the email is sent from an address that Cloud CMA will recognize – either your login address or an address in your Contact list under Settings.


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