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How Live Streaming Can Help Grow Your Business

When you mention the term “live streaming”, most people are familiar with the concept: someone turns on a camera and broadcasts a live video out into the world.

As a real estate agent, there is a ton of opportunity for you in live streaming. It’s a great way to get your name out there and grow your business because it’s all about connecting with people. Because it’s live, audiences get to see the real you and in the business of real estate, personality is everything.

Okay, so maybe you’re interested in live streaming, but have no idea where to start. Here are answers to some FAQs:

  • I’m camera shy. How do I get past this?

Getting comfortable on camera requires practice. It’s a lot of doing the same thing, messing up, and then doing it again. A lot of us think that the whole world is judging us when we’re on camera. The truth is, you’re experiencing a spotlight effect and putting yourself out there is not as terrible as it may seem.

  • I’m not tech savvy at all. What equipment do I need?

The beauty of live streaming is that it lends itself to be done at a moment’s notice. As such, live streaming is incredibly easy. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all have dedicated buttons to live stream and they are easy to find. All you need is a phone or a computer.

  • What should I talk about?

There are many different aspects of your job as a real estate agent. Use this to your advantage in your live streams! You can do a virtual open house, a tour of a neighborhood, film a vendor or buyer signing on the dotted line and capture the joy of selling or buying their home, live stream your daily routine, host contests or giveaways, the list is endless.

Take a look at these two agents who have mastered the art of live streaming:

Michael Meier

Michael is located in New York City. He’s taken a really unique approach to his live streams where he uses a talk show format and brings guests on to speak about all things real estate. There’s tons of activity on his Facebook and YouTube channels and he seems to really engage with his audience. This is a great example about how live video encourages communication, thus creating new connections and growing your business.

Sue “Pinky” Benson

Sue is from Naples, Florida. Known as “The Pink Lady of Real Estate”, Sue is extremely warm and passionate on camera. Interestingly enough, a lot of her videos have nothing to do with real estate – she mainly focuses on events and businesses in her community, throwing in real estate videos here and there. But this is a testament to how effective a big personality is. Her Facebook videos have over 30,000 views.

In summation, live streaming can be a tremendous tool in your business if you learn how to harness it. Here are a few parting thoughts to help you be as successful as you can:

  • Watch successful live streamers and learn from them.
  • Be outgoing and make sure you allow people to connect to you.
  • Just do it! Even if you’re horrible at first, you’ll never get anywhere unless you try.

Have you tried live streaming? If so, did you enjoy the experience? What advice might you give to someone who is camera shy? Let us know in the comments below!


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