How Teams and Smaller Brokerages Are Using Cloud CMA to Brand Themselves
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How Teams and Smaller Brokerages Are Using Cloud CMA to Brand Themselves

Branding is one of the most important things you can do to promote and develop any sized business – small, medium, or large. Developing your brand will help you to compete in large markets where growth is constant. So how do you do this when you are competing against brokerages that are double, sometimes quadruple your size?

Keep your marketing consistent across your entire team. 

Whether your brand is the “neighborhood-guy” or the high-powered agency, keeping your brand cohesive across across all channels is extremely important.

At the center of your brand is the logo that you create. That logo will be on every piece of marketing material, email signature, website page, and letterhead that consumers and your customers will see while they work with you. Consistently using your logo will help people to remember your brand largely due to how our brain processes images like logos. 

In smaller-sized brokerages and teams it is crucial that cohesive branding is used by every member. A few months back, Cloud CMA developed a solution for teams, small and medium-sized brokerages that allows an admin to create a cohesive look and feel for all members of their team or brokerage.

In case you missed it back in March, here are a few highlights of the new version of Cloud CMA:

  • Real-Time Activity Dashboard
  • Branded Header with your logo
  • Ability to create your own custom cover
  • Lead Gen API
  • One Admin account that sets up headers and covers for each of the team members

Prior to this Team/Broker Edition the only solutions offered were for individual agents and larger brokerages of more than 50 agents. Now, teams and brokerages of every size can have cohesive branding in the Cloud CMA reports that they generate too.

Are you part of a team, small, or medium sized brokerage? Get the Team/Broker Edition of Cloud CMA free for 30 days. Are you a brokerage with more than 50 agents? Get a custom quote here





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  1. The updated elements available since March that are listed above, are those available to any use or just to the “Team/Broker Edition for Cloud CMA” at a premium price?

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