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How to Effectively Deliver a Winning Listing Presentation

Cloud CMA was built to help agents (just like you) easily put together a branded presentation to win more listings. In minutes, you can pull your comps, insert your agent resume, and add pages full of statistics that will help better explain the market to your clients and how to price their home. 

And while bringing a Cloud CMA report is impressive to prospective clients, how well you present the CMA is imperative. Which got us thinking, we need to enlist the help of an expert that can show you all the strategies to effectively deliver a winning listing presentation. 

And who is better than Sharran Srivatsaa?! If you don’t know Sharran already, he helped grow Teles Properties 10x in 5 years and closed 97% of listings with his team during that time. He also is the CEO of Kingston Lane, which creates a robust platform for Brokers. But more than that, Sharran is truly a real estate expert. He has an exceptional ability to help agents gain the perspective they need to not only just win listings, but to grow and exceed their business goals. 

During our live webinar, How to Effectively Deliver a Winning Listing Presentation, Sharran gave away so much valuable insight like: 

  • How to create a feeling of safety with potential clients.
  • Strategies that will help you take control of listing appointments.
  • The 5 things you need to do before the listing appointment.
  • The 4 phase approach to listing a home.
  • What to do after you’ve closed the transaction. 
  • How to create an open house strategy and dominate your next open house. 
  • And so much more! 

So rather than pay thousands of dollars on coaching, check out our free webinar with Sharran so you can increase your close rate, get more clients, and most importantly make more commission this year! 

We’re so grateful that we were able to host this webinar with Sharran! Let us know in the comments below what your top takeaways are, and if you’d be interested in another webinar like this in the future! 


4 responses to ‘How to Effectively Deliver a Winning Listing Presentation

  1. Outstanding presentation! If we use the tools provided, we can eliminate the fear of objections and ease the tension of meeting with the client. I feel more confident about listing properties now. Great job!!

  2. Thanks for tuning in Cathy! We definitely plan to do more with Sharran – so stay tuned! 🙂

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