How To Get Started in Video Marketing
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How To Get Started in Video Marketing

Now that you know which real estate YouTubers to follow, this post will focus on how to get started in video marketing yourself. Why try video marketing on YouTube? Because 78.8% of marketers consider YouTube as the most effective platform for video marketing (source: emarketer). It’s also a great way to grow an audience and direct people to your business, it’ll make you a modern agent for modern times, and you’ll get to interact with people from all over the industry. I’ll divide the process into 3 categories: the equipment you’ll need, how to determine your content, and how to grow and keep an audience (longevity).

1. Equipment

The amount and quality of equipment you want to acquire really depends on how technical you want to get. Do you just want to get videos online without really thinking of production value? Or do you want professional videos that look amazing? This post from B&H is a great guide for beginning video marketers. You can opt to get only some of these if you don’t want to invest too much, choose to get everything for high production value, or mix and match.

2. Content

So now that you’ve got your gear, what will you talk about? An important thing to take into consideration is to identify what you bring to the table. How will you differentiate yourself from others? How will your unique voice shine through in your videos? Maybe you’re constantly on the go so daily vlogs would be more suited for you, like this one from Kevin Paffrath. Or maybe you stay in your office a lot but have a lot to share based on your experiences. A video like this one by Graham Stephen would be would be more up your alley. Whichever direction you choose, just remember to find your voice, stay true to yourself, and offer something that audiences would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Authenticity is also important — people want to get to know the real you. If you’re creating something just for the sake of it, audiences will pick up on your lack of conviction.

3. Longevity

How do you grow and keep your audience? Consistency is key — people don’t want to follow someone who uploads videos sporadically. Have a staple video every week, for example a Q&A on Fridays, or Monday Motivation videos. Not only will it add credibility to your channel, but people will have something to look forward to each week.

Video marketing on YouTube can be greatly rewarding and motivating for yourself and your audience. It’s a great way to add a different, fun layer to your work routine and mix things up. Plus, the market is there — YouTube videos reach more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds compared to any cable network in the United States (source: YouTube). Getting started can be daunting, but hopefully, these steps will help you conquer your fear and remind you that even the most popular YouTube personality started from humble beginnings as well.

Do you have any questions or concerns about getting started in video marketing? Let us know and we’ll help you get on the track to success!


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  1. To the equipment, I would add the DJI mobile 2 and the Smoove mobile gimbal. For cameras I would recommend the DJI Ronin-S.

    Thanks for the post!

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