How to Take the Perfect Photo for Your Cloud Attract Landing Page
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How to Take the Perfect Photo for Your Cloud Attract Landing Page

Cloud Attract is an amazing way to take control of your business’s growth by generating your own leads. One of the most appealing features is the ability to customize landing pages to your heart’s desire. By making targeted landing pages, you can market towards a certain demographic in any given area. While Cloud Attract comes equipped with several beautiful background pictures, sometimes the image doesn’t represent the area or the feeling you’re trying to capture when attracting leads. In this post, I’ll show you some basic photography tips and tricks (as outlined in April’s post) and apply it to two real life situations. By the end of this post you’ll be able to take your own perfect picture to use as a custom image for your Cloud Attract landing page.

Scenario A:

Say you want to generate leads in an area that has a distinctive landmark. Using a photo of the landmark on your landing page is a good marketing tactic to draw people in because they instantly recognize it and make some sort of connection to it. So what’s the best way to photograph a landmark? Let’s use the Huntington Beach Pier as our test subject.

  • Rule of thirds

Frame the landmark so that it sits on one of the intersecting points of the 3×3 grid, or one of the lines themselves.

  • Perspective

Let’s try shooting the pier from a different angle. Shooting it from below and angling the camera upwards gives it a more dominating presence.

Scenario B:

Say there’s no landmark in the area where you want to generate leads, but the houses in that area all have a distinctive look. Photograph a house that represents the overall look of the area so people associate that type of house with the area. Let’s use the homes on Balboa Island in Southern California as our test subjects, because a lot of them are Spanish-style houses.

  • Symmetry

Position the house so it’s centered in the frame. If you do it correctly, the structure should look perfectly symmetrical on both sides.

  • Framing

If the house has a beautiful archway, use it! If you take the picture through the archway, it’ll create a frame within the frame.

Source: joseslifeetc

Remember, these are all hypothetical scenarios and you can use any photography technique you’d like. Just remember, when taking a custom photo for Cloud Attract, make sure it has a purpose and tells a story.

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