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Introducing Cloud CMA Live: A New Interactive Listing Presentation Experience

We’ve all heard it before – you gotta list to last! And while running your own real estate business comes with a lot of different responsibilities, making the most of the time you have in front of clients at the listing appointment is critical to your success.

And the good news is we’ve just released a new feature in Cloud CMA that will help you make a great impression, easily establish yourself as the neighborhood expert, and win more listings!

Introducing, Cloud CMA Live. 

Cloud CMA Live is a brand new, interactive listing presentation experience that you and your clients will love, and it’s free if you are already a Cloud CMA customer. Designed to supplement your classic printed Cloud CMA reports, Cloud CMA Live gives you the freedom and flexibility to present your CMA however you want.   

Just like the Cloud CMA reports you already know and love, Cloud CMA Live keeps your branding front and center, utilizes and updates in real-time with MLS data, and makes you look awesome in front of your clients with a beautifully designed user experience alongside new charts and graphs.

With Cloud CMA Live, you can:

  • Update comps on the fly. 

We’ve all been there – you’re in your listing presentation and your client asks about a property you didn’t use as a comp in your CMA report. Typically, this is a moment where you have to say, “I’ll get back to you” because your print report’s data is static. But, now you can add or remove comps on the fly with Cloud CMA Live. 

The best way to use Cloud CMA Live is in addition to your print Cloud CMA report. Do your presentation using Cloud CMA Live, and leave behind a designer, print CMA report as a memorialization of the time spent with your clients.  

  • Draw attention to anywhere on the screen with the new “telestrator.”

Really command the room (whether it’s in person or on the computer) with our new “telestrator” tool. Easily make your point or highlight a key property detail in live time. 

  • Start a virtual meeting straight from within Cloud CMA Live. 

With built-in integrations with Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype, you can easily start a meeting within Cloud CMA. 

  • Include custom content in your reports

Just like you can add custom pages to your print Cloud CMA report, you can also include custom content in your Cloud CMA Live report. If you share the presentation with a client prior to meeting, include a quick video to introduce yourself or share a client testimonial to give them an idea of what it’s like to work with you. 

But do you want to know the best part? 

You already know how to create a Cloud CMA Live. That’s right! Anytime you create a Cloud CMA report, you’ll automatically get a Cloud CMA Live link. 

So whether you already use Cloud CMA or want to start your free trial today – Cloud CMA Live is waiting for you. 

Pssst….Want to get an exclusive look at how Cloud CMA Live works?! Watch our latest webinar, Introducing Cloud CMA Live, hosted by our Co-founder Greg Robertson and Chief of Design, Damien Huze!


18 responses to ‘Introducing Cloud CMA Live: A New Interactive Listing Presentation Experience

  1. Hi Maureen! Thank you for reaching out. A member of our support team will be reaching out to help with this issues.

  2. having trouble folding in the cover letter, when generating the pdf, the cover letter is not coming with…

  3. Hi Kathleen! Thank you for reaching out. We will have a member of our customer support team reach out to you directly.

  4. The map shows southern CA and Im in Bend Oregon how do I get the map to reset to do a search

  5. Hi Pam! Thanks for reaching out! You can view our Cloud CMA Live webinar here. Hope you enjoy!

  6. I missed part 2 cma live , had connection issue .I emailed Anthony as well.Is it possible to get recording please.

  7. Hi Dani! Thanks for reaching out. We do appreciate your feedback and will share it with our team. You can also submit feedback within Cloud CMA Live. When you launch a live report, there is a link at the bottom left that says ‘Give Feedback on Cloud CMA Live’.

  8. Hey, I love the live implementation APART from it refreshing the listings when you click on it.

    We edit the Details & Adjustments for each home to add our comments as to how the home compares to the subject property and this adds value to the cma for our clients. With the pdf implementation we are very, very careful to only ‘Fetch the listings’ when we first start the cma because any edits we make are wiped out with any subsequent fetch.

    Unfortunately with CloudCMA live implementation it wipes everything each time it is opened. I would have hoped that because you have the ability to edit the details & adjustments, that they would remain intact, but alas, no, in either implementation.

    I love Cloudcma live but cannot use it because of this issue. Who can I submit this product design request to?

  9. Hi Tami! We love to hear you are enjoying Cloud CMA Live! For our May 13th webinar, you can view the replay here. Hope you enjoy!

  10. I missed the Webinar on May 13th. Did you record it and are you able to send it? I have used CLOUD ZMA LIVE a couple times and LOVE IT!!!! I am just wondering if I am missing more ways to tweak it.

    Tami Bianco

  11. Hi Devon! Thank you for your feedback. Custom pages should transfer over to your Cloud CMA Live. If they aren’t, please reach out to our support team at And your slideshow presentation is still an option! It is just moved to the toggle in the upper right corner. We hope you try Cloud CMA Live again and see how much it can help your next presentation. Thanks!

  12. The “live” presentation can not be modified enough. My PDF presentation is correct but does not convert to the live presentation… The custom pages do not transfer over. I cannot use this feature this way. The electronic presentation was what I use most.

  13. Hi Elaine! Thank you for the feedback – I will be sure to share it to the team. As for removing pages for your live link – you will remove the page before you publish the report. Hope that helps!

  14. Love the idea of live, but, Help- How do we get rid of pages on the live link- like sending an experienced seller the explanation of a CMA is really insulting… and short terms like “comp” instead of comparable seems unprofessional .

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