Introducing Partial Leads for Cloud Attract
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Introducing Partial Leads for Cloud Attract

Leads are the bloodline of your business. They’re what keeps your funnel full so you can continue to do more business. We get this. It’s for this reason we created Cloud Attract – to help you easily generate your own leads. After listening to customer feedback, we added a highly requested feature: partial leads. What’s a partial lead? We’ll explore more about partial leads below and how they can help you do even more business.

What is a partial lead and how does it work?
When a lead visits your Cloud Attract landing page and only fills in some information then leaves – they become a partial lead. With Cloud Attract you can build landing pages to either target sellers or buyers. So when someone starts to fill out your seller landing page and leaves, we save their address and send it to you as a partial lead. For buyer landing pages we capture their email and send that to you.

To show you exactly how this works, watch this quick video:



How to use partial leads
When your seller landing page captures a lead’s address use that information to follow-up with a postcard, letter, etc. When your buyer landing captures their email, use that to follow-up with them directly. The point is, use whatever information you DO have and use it to your benefit.

The goal of partial leads is to help you capture more leads and get more clients. See how many leads and partial leads you can generate through Cloud Attract with a 30-day FREE trial.

Let us know in the comments below your own creative ways that you follow-up with partial leads.


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